Park Associati

Park Associati is a renowned Italian architecture firm founded in 2000 in  by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi.

Trademarks of the design culture of Park Associati are listening, intuition and experimentation. The objective of Park Associati’s work is to give form to a vision, by interpreting and synthesising the variables at stake, specific to each project.

The architecture practice proposes specific and rigorous projects, without losing sight of the compositional and aesthetic aspects.

An important field for Park Associati’s work deals with the world of Headquarters, designed to be the companies’ home and welcome their identity values. Daring buildings, such as the Salewa Headquarters in Bolzano and Luxottica and Nestlé in Milan, are characterised by an ever-changing and characterful stylistic line that also reflects the open, wide-ranging and scientific creative process.

The utmost attention to detail and innovation in materials, forms and functions characterise The Cube and Priceless travelling restaurants, as well as Park Associati’s retail projects: from the multifunctional spaces for the Japanese brand Tenoha to the Hermès store in Rome or the Brioni’s worldwide.

Park Associati is fascinated by hybrid solutions and has experience on the design of new alternative residential forms, in particular related to student housing.

Brisa 5 by Park Associati


The redevelopment of Brisa 5 by Park Associati involves both blocks of a building in Milan by Pietro Portaluppi. It interprets the pre-existing building, welcoming its >>>

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