Lavagnoli, the company that first believed in us and supported our design and architecture educational tours last year during London Design Festival, is going to take the stage at Marmomac 2019.

Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semifinished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to applications of stone in architecture and design.

At Marmomacc 2019, is presenting to astonishing works developed with some of the most interesting architects and brands in Italy: “Stone Tornado” by and “Ossimoro” by for antoniolupi.

Lavagnoli Marmomacc

“Stone Tornado” by Studio Marco Piva

We live in an era of climate change. Unexpected, violent and often devastating. Matter is traversed by uncontrollable energies and tensions that distort time and space. Why is nature so aggressive? With the installation called “Stone Tornado”, Studio Marco Piva suggests that the answer may lie in a collective mea culpa.

Man is responsible for the upheavals that have succeeded one another during centuries of arbitrary, careless and reckless choices undermining the “dynamic” relationship that exists between water, earth and sky. Yet all is not lost. We still have resources. We must place our trust in man’s intelligence, sensitivity and technological discoveries. We can survive!

An interesting reflection – and challenge. Studio Marco Piva sets all of this in stone in an installation presented during Marmomac 2019 in The Italian Stone Theatre, part of the Lithic Garden exhibition (PAV. 1).

Lavagnoli was commissioned to make this idea a reality. The collaboration proved a stimulating one by allowing Lavagnoli to advance a number of technical proposals and offering them the chance to demonstrate their skills in the use of machinery and hours of hand finishing.

Lavagnoli doubled-up with Ossimoro by Calvi Brambilla.
They created a wash basin that expresses an effect of compression for the renowned luxury bathroom furniture manufacturer .

Lavagnoli Marmomacc

“Ossimoro” by Calvi Brambilla for antoniolupi

It could have been a simple wash basin. However, the request to realise a freestanding model made entirely of marble made it clear that something more was afoot. They were asked to imagine the effect of a crash, a crumpling. And to make it out of marble. Calvi Brambilla, designers for antoniolupi, were looking for an effect of compression capable of expressing the fluid potential of a solid material like marble. What is more, they wanted to do it in an industry – bathroom furniture – that remains industrial. A truly stimulating challenge that Lavagnoli won!

The “Ossimoro” wash basin will be on display during Marmomac 2019 in The Italian Stone Theatre, as part of the Brand & Stone 2.0 exhibition (PAV. 1).


Marmomac 2019
From Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 September 2019
9.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. (non-stop)
Saturday 28 September
from 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (non-stop)