Here we collect and share all the references sent by the architects, marketing managers, sales managers and architecture students we met during our educational tours and architecture firm visits. You can find other references online in our Facebook page here.


“It was good to meet so many enthusiastic students who had taken the initiative to find out more about the world that they will soon become a part of. They were hungry to learn and keen to explore what is involved, asking lots of insightful questions throughout their visit. I was delighted to be able to give them a glimpse of my world. I was fascinated to hear that Novamobili had taken a pro-active role in helping to organise the event, a brilliant way of making contact with the next generation of inspirational designers. They should be applauded for their initiative and insight. It would be good to meet in the future.”

Robin Partington (Founder and Director at Apt)

“It was a pleasure to welcome a group of architecture students, from all over the world, to our offices for a tour and an introduction to TP Bennett. Well done to ARCHIVIBE (formerly known as Architectours) for this great initiative – inspiring and innovative, well done!”

Cristiano Testi (Principal Director at tp bennett)

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this years Archivibe. I think what you have set up is inspiring and a fantastic platform to celebrate design. I look forward to collaborating again.

Andrew James, (Marketing & Awards coordinator at Foster + Partners)

“ARCHIVIBE (formerly known as Architectours) is a great way for architecture students, young architects and designers to gain a valuable insight into studio life. We enjoyed answering questions about dRMM’s ethos and experience and were glad the Trafalgar Place tour was so well received. You could tell it got a lot of wheels turning!”

Steve Wallis (Senior Associate, dRMM Architects)

“It was a pleasure to show around our AHMM offices a stimulating group of students and professionals. It is a nice initiative and an opportunity for architects to see practices in action. So much curiosity and interesting questions”

Francesco Draisci (Senior Architect at AHMM)

“Park Associati has always favoured exchange of ideas inside the studio and is open to the dialectic with the outside. This is why we always are pleased to welcome groups of architecture students and people interested in the studio. We believe that knowing a little more closely the design work is very important for those who want to approach this profession. As well, we seek to be ever attentive to the comments that we are made during these meetings.
In short, there is nothing more fertile and positive that exchange of ideas to build an innovative vision of architecture”

Park Associati

“Intelligent, a brilliant initiative conceived by Daniele Prosdocimo and Daniel Gava that have succeeded in combining a passion for architecture with a multi-faceted activity. Yes, I would define the Architectours project as such because there is a lot of talk about win-win actions to indicate solutions that bring benefits to both parties involved in a project … but everyone wins here.

Students and architects taking part to the tour get in touch for free with international architectural firms. They are mostly practices used to working on extraordinary projects all over the world (skyscrapers, bridges, infrastructures) but which provide a Senior Architect (or even more than one in some cases) of the staff to share philosophy and design method. The same students are also often invited, at the end of the visit, to leave their CV for a job interview! The architecture firms involved win as well as communicating their brand and are available to students and other professionals to spread the values ​​of the architecture in which they believe.

The company is the sponsor of the initiative that, in addition to generating high-profile story-telling, helps spread culture and, to a small extent, supports the growth of new generations of professionals who aspire to create a world in some way and in their own way different.

Finally, creating new and high-profile relationships is another aspect of no small importance, indeed it is the key to understand and the true goal of this experience.

In London, this is provided with great spontaneity and availability by Daniele and Daniel, two design professionals and architecture lovers who have been able to combine passion with their own experience to find the right mix of ingredients of a beautiful recipe with an international taste”
Christian Giomo (Marketing Manager at Novamobili)

Personally I have been looking for something similar to our tour today since a long time. It was a great experience. I wish we had more such tours. Thank you so much!
Sanjana (Politecnico Milano)

Exceptionally well organized tour rich of inspiring information! So uplifting to see the motivation and energy involved. We all got the best out of it! To everyone who with pride and dedication took part in sharing their passion. I look forward to seeing you again.
Isabelle Posocco (Sales Manager at Kristalia)

Thanks Daniele & Daniel and all. It was a wonderful tour with loads of fun and inspiration.
May (University of Nottingham)

Thanks for the wonderful tour! It was a great opportunity to visit these offices as well as meet with all these talented people! Can’t thank the organizers enough!
Manjima (SCALE Architectural Consultants)

Thank you for the amazing tour, it was a pleasure to meet all these wonderful people! Looking forward the next one!
Matteo (University of Florence)

Let me just say thanks ARCHIVIBE (formerly known as Architectours) for the great effort in getting this tour organized. I am a curious person by nature and like to learn a bit more every day. I did learn a lot and taking back home a whole load of information. Thanks also to all the participants, I wish all the best for your bright careers!
Mauro Trevisan (Novamobili Sales Director)

Thanks for these opportunities and helpful information during and after the trip. I am looking forward to the next event that you organize. I made lots of friends and this open for me a huge chance.
Ngoc (Northumbria University)

Thank you so much for the tour,it was brilliant, and lovely to meet you all
Davina (London South Bank University)

Hi guys! I would like to thank you for these two fantastic days! It was an amazing opportunity to visit many leading architectural studios, with international reputation. I’m delighted to have experienced the architectours! I hope to see you all in the near future!
Lorena (University of Westminster)

It is definitely an amazing experience. There is a great work behind the organisation of these tours, and the ARCHIVIBE (formerly known as Architectours) team is amazing and always helpful. I recommend it so much.
Yaatzil (Freelance)

I want to thank you for the two amazing days I spent with ARCHIVIBE (formerly known as Architectours). It was a very good experience for me. If I wasn’t with this organization while touring the London Design Festival I’m sure I couldn’t make the most of it, but now I’m feeling very good about the well spent days and the networks I gained.
Beyza (University of Hertfordshire)
It was a rewarding experience. We had the opportunity to visit three talented studios and we learned from their experiences. Archivibe organized it perfectly and the people of Valcucine Madrid received us with their hands open. I recommend it.
Geovanna (Architect)
I think it is an original marketing activity, elegantly subtle and contains all the premises to be effective. In short, I believe that it is a coherent approach with the high market positioning of Valcucine.
Francisco Alonso (Valcucine Madrid)
I had the opportunity to participate in a tour organised by Archivibe and visit three important practices in Madrid. I also got to know the world of Valcucine and its future-oriented design. I believe that initiatives of this kind are extremely useful for architecture students, as they allow them to get closer to professional practice and observe the working world directly. In addition, professional architects can also take the opportunity to network and learn about the organisation methods of important firms. A sincere thanks to Daniele for the opportunity.
Giovanni (Università Iuav di Venezia)
Thank you so much Daniele for today, it was an amazing tour and I had a very good time.
Keep up the great work 🥂
Elio (Politecnico Milano)
It was really nice the visit through all the companies and the feedback of them! It was an amazing experience and if there are other visits I will be really interested!
Jan David (Politecnico Milano)