and Brera Design Week 2024 confirm the role of the as the leading design district in the World promoting new forms of design culture with a particular focus on lifestyle, art, and fashion.

Taking place in Milan from April 15 to 21, the Brera Design District 2024 presents its fifteenth edition of the Design Week. It aims to encourage reflection on contemporary challenges, promoting a conscious design culture and providing space for practices capable of generating transformative actions.

Building on the results of the last edition, Brera Design Week aims to surpass the mark of 210 events in 2024, with a total forecast of over 260 events in the district, including the 196 permanent showrooms, including the 15 new openings from May 2023. These figures confirm Brera's position as the most relevant and significant district internationally for the world of design, not only during its Design Week.

At the Brera Design Week 2024 some of the most distinguished figures in Italian and international design will be leaving their mark: , i29, and are contributing to ‘s showcase, Numen/For Use is partnering with Porsche, Studioboom is working with Fenix®, Romero Britto is adding artistic flair to Chiquita, is involved with Solferino 28 – Corriere della Sera, Living, Abitare, Ronan Bouroullec is contributing to ‘s display, Zaha Hadid Design is partnering with Iris Ceramica Group, Draga&Aurel is collaborating with , Vasku & Klug are representing Advantage Austria, Studio Salaris is contributing to Tai Ping and laCividina's exhibits, Robert Janitz and Andrea Steidl are part of Delvis Unlimited, Federica Biasi is lending her touch to Manerba, Matteo Nunziati is engaged with Florim, and are collaborating on Interni's project, Atelier Biagetti is making its mark on MCM Wearable Casa to name a few.

During Brera Design Week 2024, several notable events will certainly stand out:

Valcucine MDW24

Visual by Valcucine

Valcucine “Architectural Scenarios” with ARRCC, i29, and Neri&Hu
Valcucine, a leading brand for top architects, presents a collective exhibition emphasizing the versatility and integration of its kitchen program with architectural design. Renowned international architecture and design studios – ARRCC, i29, and Neri&Hu – contribute projects showcasing a dialogue between Valcucine kitchens and various architectural aesthetics. The exhibition is an immersive experience combining aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and technological innovation, reflecting Valcucine's commitment to environmental sustainability.

House of Switzerland 
In a collective exhibition featuring designers, studios, universities, brands, and galleries from across Switzerland, Pro Helvetia and Presenza Svizzera spotlight talents connected to the country and the world of contemporary design. The projects, driven by hope and optimism, explore themes like circularity, well-being, and a connection to nature, offering a unique interpretation of the joy unleashed by creativity and innovation.

Visual by Mario Cucinella Architects

Visual by Mario Cucinella Architects

Corriere della Sera Installation by Mario Cucinella Architects
Corriere della Sera opens its doors to the public with an extraordinary installation conceived by Mario Cucinella Architects. A stroll through the historic courtyard reveals a “new” city constructed with wooden fruit crates, which, after giving life to a unique urban space, will be dismantled to return to their original function. This circular process symbolizes the city as a possible reserve for the future, illustrating the concept of urban space as an ecosystem that transforms itself from its own materials, akin to nature's processes.

Casa Mutina presents “Ronan Bouroullec solo show”
Mutina presents a solo show by Ronan Bouroullec during . The exhibition spans Casa Mutina Milano and adjacent Spazio Cernaia, introducing two new collections of coverings (indoor and outdoor) and limited-edition ceramic objects known as Editions. These objects will become part of the Mutina catalog from April 2024.

Brera Design District 2024

Visual by laCividina

“Made by Man” by Studio Salaris at laCividina Showroom
The Studio Salaris exhibit at laCividina's showroom explores objects, products, or creations crafted by human intervention rather than machines or nature. It symbolizes the significance of human labor and creativity, featuring forms “made by man” that dialogue with the world of design. The installation draws inspiration from the archetype of the column, a human-made artifact in a natural context, linking conceptually with the broader theme of FuoriSalone, “Materia Natura.”


The exhibition “ORIGIN of SIMPLICITY: 20 Visions of Japanese Design” presents an unprecedented exploration of Japanese design, featuring 150 works. Curated by Rossella Menegazzo, with graphic design and staging by Kenya Hara, it offers a unique perspective on Japanese design principles. Another notable showcase is “Feeling Good – Caimi, Design for the Future,” curated by Aldo Colonetti and Valentina Fisichella, with staging by Matteo Vercelloni and multimedia design by Ex Anima. This exhibit delves into the realm of design reformism, exploring forward-thinking approaches. “Ottchil Design – OD/KOREA 옷칠디자인” highlights Korean design and is organized by DBEW | Design Beyond East and West. This exhibition provides insight into contemporary Korean design.

“Brera Design District is part of the broader plan of the Administration to bring the liveliness and creativity of the Design Week to the streets and neighborhoods of Milan. The design week is an exposition and meeting week for professionals, but it is also an opportunity to offer the city, residents, and tourists the chance to discover the art of design in all its forms. This is what the Brera district has been doing for years, providing a rich variety of events, installations, and workshops that reflect the unique charm of a district and contribute to confirming Milan as the world capital of design,” says Alessia Cappello, Councilor for Labor and Economic Development with responsibilities for Fashion and Design for the City of Milan.

The district becomes a unique brand, with a density and quality that position it as a reference point due to its commercial offering and identity. It blends tradition, lifestyle, culture, art, gastronomy, and hospitality, engaging with professionals and companies on the ground, as well as with investors, sponsors, and temporary exhibitors

cover image: Studio Ianus