On Thursday 14th September 2023 we will be visiting some of the most influential firms in to discover their ethos and their commitment to create a better built environment, one of these prominent architecture firms, listed in our Best architecture firms in France, is .

Jean-Baptiste Pietri, hailing from Marseille and a graduate of the -Belleville School of Architecture, settled in Paris three decades ago, where he established his architecture studio in 2001.

Alongside him, he gathered four partners, including the office president, architect Jérémy Louette, as well as architects Marine de Chateauneuf and Zoé Reynaud, along with Sarah Leroux, serving as the administrative director of Pietri Architectes. Their team, comprising twenty talented collaborators, is headquartered in the 11th district of Paris.

Pietri Architectes Paris | Photography: Luc Boegly

The vision of Pietri Architectes draws inspiration from the Mediterranean region, infusing its projects with elements of the coastal architecture harmoniously blended with Parisian influences and the city's Haussmannian style.

Striking a perfect balance between North and South, Jean-Baptiste Pietri and his team propose a solar architecture characterized by curved shapes and white limestone tones, creating an architecture that embraces its environment with generosity and respect.

Pietri Architectes' portfolio spans across , showcasing the versatility of their architectural vocabulary, adeptly adapting to diverse building contexts while maintaining a distinct style of their own.

Their projects encompass a wide array of programs, both public and private, ranging from single-family homes to towering office structures, and even a luxurious waterfront hotel, all while displaying a keen interest in interior design.

Carre Seine, Paris, France by Pietri Architectes

Jean-Baptiste Pietri's architectural approach embraces precision and poetry, rooted in a philosophy he terms “The Romantic Rationalism.” This concept combines a rigorously optimized construction design with an expressive interpretation of the site.

He believes that an architect's work should inspire dreams while remaining ambitious, akin to the soaring high-rise buildings that have been a hallmark of his career since his diploma project.

Les Jetées by PietriArchitectes

Tour Les Jetées, Huningue, France by Pietri Architectes

Central to his concerns is the urban space. Jean-Baptiste Pietri advocates for genuine urban politeness, which involves seamlessly integrating his creations into their contemporary context, avoiding any sense of brutality or provocation. The aim is to strike a balance that fosters a sense of desire and harmony within the urban landscape.

La Porte Bleue Pietri Architectes | Photography: Luc Boegly

This urban politeness is beautifully exemplified by the upcoming La Porte Bleue project in Marseille, set to be delivered in 2023. Comprising 560 vaults, the structure acts as open windows to the Mediterranean, allowing for breathtaking views and establishing a graceful connection between the interior spaces, the sea, and the historically rich city of Marseille.

Cover image: Pietri Architectes Paris | Photography: Luc Boegly