Nestled alongside Jinan's renowned lake, Fuhuali Jinan by comprises geometric structures that give rise to a multi-level waterfront village – a bustling hub where commerce and social interactions come to life against the backdrop of the spectacular view.

Offering a commanding vista of Jinan's Huashan Lake, this innovative enclave is masterfully conceived as a cultural rendezvous and a source of inspiration for both residents and tourists. Drawing inspiration from Zhao Mengfu's timeless painting, “Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains” which captures the essence of Jinan's Huashan landscape during the Yuan Dynasty, the design eloquently showcases the beauty of Huashan's “Misty Rain in Quehua” scenery, rekindling the tranquil spirit of ascending high to embrace sweeping panoramas.

Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains by Zhao Mengfu

Situated on the illustrious Huashan Lake in Licheng District, Jinan City, the Overseas Fuhuali development spans an impressive 40,444 square meters and offers a splendid perspective of the lakeside surroundings.

CLOU Architects design takes into account both spaces and the surrounding natural landscape, resulting in a community center imbued with an intimate ambiance. Leveraging its prime lakeside location, the project creates a three-dimensional public space that remains accessible 24/7, serving as a transitional zone between the densely populated residential area and the unspoiled natural surroundings.

Notably, CLOU Architects constructed a third-floor platform, effectively establishing a second “ground floor” that caters to sightseeing and leisure activities, thus crafting an exceptional communal space for local residents and visitors.

Fuhuali Jinan project is a vertical community mall blurring indoor-outdoor boundaries


CLOU's innovative design weaves together a tapestry of retail streets and commercial villas, defying the conventional concept of enclosed community shopping centers. This composite structure functions as a permeable visual and spatial buffer, seamlessly connecting the high-density vertical communities with the magnificent natural scenery that unfolds before them. A modern, minimalist commercial ambiance pervades the entire block, with champagne serving as the dominant color.

The staggered stacking of villa cubes, coupled with the distinctive roofscape, evokes the image of floating hills, amplifying the visual impact and the sense of exploration. This design accommodates a variety of business and retail establishments, from the continuous transparent shopfronts on the lower commercial levels, adorned with vertical battens, to the upper cubes, characterized by vivid colors and patterns that lend them a distinctive character. Champagne, once again, underscores the modern, minimalist commercial identity of the entire complex.

As the fifth-largest city lake in China and a significant feature along the Yellow River Scenic Route, Huashan Lake boasts unique geographical and cultural attributes. CLOU's unwavering commitment lies in faithfully recreating the enchanting vistas of the “Misty Rain in Quehua” landscape. The expansive terrace on the third level, adorned with the “floating” cubes, provides an extraordinary vantage point for observing both the human-made and natural landscapes.

Accessible around the clock, a fully landscaped observation deck, nestled amidst the geometric structures, seamlessly merges the realms of nature and . It offers an abstract interpretation of misty rain settling over the lake, resulting in a harmonious blend of the built environment and the pristine outdoors.

Photography: Wu Qingshan