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Modern or classic, luxurious or informal, from Barcelona to passing through Valencia, Marbella and Zaragoza, these are the best interior design studios in Spain we look to again and again.


Jean Porsche Arquitectura + Interiores was founded by Jean Porsche in 2013. Originally from Mexico and based in Madrid since 2004. His studio works in different residential and commercial projects mainly in Spain, but having projects also in Portugal, France, and Mexico. The particular style of Jean Porsche in his designs is a mix of colour, textures and geometry, with a strong base in the architectural layouts, taking advantage of his background and experience. Nowadays, Jean Porsche has made a name in Interior Design in Spain as a reference of style, colour, and extravagance in a perfect mixture. His portfolio include restaurants as Coque, the 2 Michelin Star Restaurante by Mario Sandoval in Madrid, Lú Cocina y Alma, a 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Jerez de la Frontera, Maison Lu in Marbella, Creme de la Creme in Madrid, Mamaine Mojitos Cocktail Bar in Barcelona, and many residential projects in Madrid, Paris, Mexico, Jerez de la Frontera, Barcelona and Marbella.

Calle de José Ortega y Gasset 30 Pabellón Jardín, Madrid

best Spanish interior design studios

Courtesy: Jean Porsche Arquitectura + Interiores

El Equipo Creativo is an interior design studio based in Barcelona and specialized in gastronomic, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Founded by architects Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo and Lucas Echeveste, the interior design practice is now composed by a young and talented team of international people. The variety of technical know-how, cultural background and career paths allows El Equipo Creativo to rethink every detail in an original way and create a diverse and friendly environment. This various mix is considered, by the Partners, one of the key aspects of studio success and wellbeing. For El Equipo Creativo, as for us, atmosphere, colors, scenography and above all, experience are fundamental.

Carrer de Llull, 57, 5º, 2a, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

best interior design studios in Spain

Courtesy: El Equipo Creativo


ÁBATON was founded in 1998 by Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón and Carlos Alonso. Located in the outskirts of Madrid, the plot has many outstanding oak trees and is next to some well established buildings. The main objective was that the building itself be a landmark within the estate and to show ÁBATON's work in a neat and symbolic manner. It is a multi-purpose area that has a show-room, offices and the construction company's warehouse. From the beginning, the founders aimed for the projects to express the facts that defined the Studio. To achieve it they started up the Construction Company in order to control the whole building process as well as the final result. Their projects' impact determined the high turnout of clients searching for a place that expressed the same language of light, sustainability and space that ÁBATON applies to all its projects. Currently, the practice is developing more efficient work processes to confront bigger challenges that have to do with international growth.

Calle Cdad. Real, 28, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

best interior design studios in Spain

Courtesy: ÁBATON | Photography: Juan Baraja

Founded in 2013 in Madrid, Raul Martins Studio consists of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in different areas of interior design, decoration, architecture and graphic design. During all these years, they have carried out various projects, including Residential Projects in Europe, the United States, as well as in Middle East; corporate headquarters offices of different trended companies, commercial spaces, private clinics, corporate showrooms

Calle del General Castaños 5. 4º Izda 28004, Madrid, Spain

Caramba Estudio

Caramba Estudio is an international studio founded by Tomas Alia, where architects, designers, engineers and landscapers are dedicated to creating custom spaces in a democratic way. Tomas Alia is one of Spain's Most Internationally renowned and for sure of the best interior design studios in Spain. They are experts in hotel refurbishment and retail design.

Calle de José Abascal, 44 28003, Madrid, Spain

Among the best interior design studios in Spain, we can find an art gallery and interior design consultant. Gärna is a Swedish word with more than 20 different meanings, all of them extremely positive that define their values. It is basically synonymous with doing things willingly, with enthusiasm, with pleasure and kindness. In Gärna Homes, they acquire, design, reform, build and decorate houses for sale. An important part of the Gärna Studio process is to accompany their clients, providing them with a 360º vision that goes from the conception of the project to the final details. For them, the most interesting thing is to merge architecture with interior design through their commitment to excellence in quality and finishes. Each project is completely unique, a challenge in itself.

12, Jorge Juan St. (Alley) 28001 Madrid, Spain

top Spanish interior design practice

Courtesy: Gärna

Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts. They have been recently awarded ‘Interior Designers of The Year 2019' by the Spanish edition of The New York Times' T Magazine. They have worked on projects in several countries like Norway, USA, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain.

Carrer de Roger de Llòria, 11, 1, 46002 Valencia, Spain

best interior design studios in Spain

Courtesy: Masquespacio

nook architects

In 2011 Ana Garcia, Joan Cortés and Rubén Férez cofounded nook architects, an architecture, interior and design studio based in Barcelona. They define the studio as a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet; a corner, as in a room. Nook Architects develops renovation and refurbishment projects with the objective of achieving warm and practical homes, where the materials, reinterpreted, fit the needs of their clients today.

Carrer de Zamora 46-48, 4º 4ª 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Tristán Domecq 

Tristán Domecq Pérez is a Galician interior designer and decorator based in Madrid. He has been passionate since childhood in the world of architecture, construction, design and decoration. His decorative style is timeless, fresh, elegant and casual. It combines pieces from different eras and trends, but always within harmony. Tristán creates very personal and welcoming spaces, using maximum natural light. 

Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 7, 28014, Madrid, Spain

Interiorismo by Marisa Gallo

Interiorismo founded by Marisa Gallo specializes in comprehensive interior design projects. The Spanish interior design practice, created in 2004, has developed more than 100 projects nationally and internationally. The design team supervised by Marisa Gallo develope residential projects of all types of housing, as well as commercial premises, pilot floors and embassies. The last milestone of the studio is the creation of a personal line of furniture.

Calle de Algabeño 27, 28043 Madrid, Spain

Stone Designs is a multi-disciplinary study that develops interior design and product projects through a perspective that makes them unique. Its main asset is its human factor. Stone makes projects for and because of the people. Cutting-edge projects; for nearly 25 years, we have always focused on the same objective: to help each other be happier day after day. Because at Stone nothing comes before the idea and the people. At Stone, we speak of nothing beyond life experience. An extremely basic idea that many have forgotten.

Calle de Playa de Comillas, 20, 28669 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain

top interior design practices in Spain

Courtesy: Stone Designs

Galán Sobrini Arquitectos is an architecture, interior design and decoration studio directed by Adriana Arranz Sobrini and Cristina Chaves Galán. Under the motto “hogariza tu casa” (“home your house”) they transform spaces tailored to people. They offer customized architecture projects for home renovations (“home your office”) and commercial premises/restaurants (“home your place”).

23 Calle de Aguarón (1463,59 km) 28023 Aravaca, Madrid, Spain

The tandem formed by Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech, founders of The Room Studio, is the key to the success of this dynamic company that prioritizes comfort, aesthetics, creativity and technology. Founded in Barcelona in 2005, The Room Studio currently has two offices in Barcelona. In both spaces the warmth of the details and the lighting, the masculine and the feminine elements and the technique and creativity merge, providing a display of the inspiration of Meritxell and Josep. Since its inception in 2005 The Room Studio has overseen more than 40 residential and contract projects always following their motto: work each work as a whole entity.

Espai Travessera | Showroom Trav. de Gràcia, 23-29, 1r 1a 08021, Barcelona, Spain
Espai Paris | Gallery Store Carrer París, 171 08036,  Barcelona, Spain

top interior design studios in Spain

Courtesy: the Room Studio

Fabre Fauquiè

Blanca Fabre established her own studio in Madrid in the year 2012 designing for a wide range of international clients in locations such as Barcelona, Riyadh, Palma de Mallorca and London amongst the others. Alejandro Fauquiè is considered one of the exponents in the interior design national arena, demonstrating his versatility in attempting different projects with sophisticated and elegant distinctive. Their work is characterized by the use of noble materials designing uniques interiors. They coordinate the full architectural project from the construction phase all the way through to final decoration.

Calle de San Mateo, 9 28004 Madrid, Spain


Founded in 2007 in Madrid by Cristina Remírez de Ganuza and by the French architect Jérôme Le Fouillé, Disak is one of the best interior design studios in Spain.  The mixture of cultures in their union makes their work perceive different styles and great contrasts of risky strength and personality. Disak belongs to a young generation interested in applying a balance between functionality and design.

Calle de Serrano 20, bajo interior izda · 28001, Madrid, Spain

Proyecto Singular

Amongst the best interior design studios in Spain, we love to cite Proyecto Singular. The Spanish interior design practice is conceived as a design studio focused on the generation of architectural concepts. The integration of a thorough design and maximum functionality is key for their project development. They work on a conceptual idea which leads the way to embrace the project extensively. This allows the creation of spaces that emerge coherently. They say that “It becomes essential to keep an open mind and learn how to share new ideas and necessities both among the team and with our clients in order to generate a space to remember. Constant creativity provides the versatility needed to adapt to projects of all kinds and scales”

Paseo de la Habana 7-1º, Madrid, Spain

best interior design studios in Spain

Courtesy: Proyecto Singular

Pedro Peña's firm has been recognised for its attention to detail and essence, creating a legacy that spans over forty years of work. Their corporate philosophy was built as a way of understanding modern Mediterranean culture, becoming for the interior design in Marbella and in the international panorama a reference. Based in Marbella the creative process is inspired by the visual proximity of the monumental natural landmarks and the microclimate.

C.C. Tembo. Bloque C. CN.340. Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Tarruella Trenchs Studio

Tarruella Trenchs Studio has extensive experience in the development of restaurant projects, both in the design and in the management of the business, an added value of our firm, as well as in hospitality, commercial, ephemeral and office projects. Among the most awarded projects, we could mention the Omm Hotel in Barcelona, the Eme Hotel in Seville, the Rocambolesc ice cream shop in Gerona or the restaurants of Grupo Tragaluz and the Cañadio Group, and without forgetting projects of great importance,  such as the winery of Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta in La Rioja, and the involvement in the design of many Michelin stars restaurants.

Madrazo 83, Entl. 2ª, 08006, Barcelona, Spain

Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio

Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio was established in Barcelona in 2002, in a former textile factory in the modernist Eixample district, in the heart of the city. This city is their portfolio, their playground, and their muse. It is their endless source of inspiration. Here Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio had its first client and from here they have sprung to the rest of the world. The studio was founded on the belief that something different might be achieved in the design of commercial and residential spaces in Spain. Their wish is that customers come to the studio and feel the creative environment of the team and the atmosphere that reflects the studio philosophy. They believe that each project needs to have its own identity and personality in order to differentiate itself in the market. For this reason, many of the furniture and lighting elements in their projects are designed by the studio.

Ronda Sant Pere, 46 Local 08010, Barcelona, Spain

top interior designers in Spain

Courtesy: Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio

OOAA is an Architecture Studio founded in Madrid in 2011 and directed by Iker Ochotorena. Their work is based on each project ́s specific and unique conditions, its context and the client ́s aspirations. OOAA create a geometric vacuums and volumes carved in noble materials to achieve a silent, serene and warm architecture, where people find a shelter. They design optimizing economic and natural resources while pursuing a timeless and simple architecture.

C/ Paseo de la Habana, 71 – Entrada por Condes del Val,  Madrid, Spain


Las2Mercedes is a Madrid-based interior design studio founded in 2012 by Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro. Every one of their projects strives to embody values of timelessness, warmth and originality. They are a dynamic and professional team focused on the design and development of hotels, restaurants and private homes.

Calle Villanueva, 29 Bajo Derecha 28001, Madrid, Spain

Guille García-Hoz

After studying the career of Mathematical Sciences at the Complutense University, Guille García-Hoz decides, to the annoyance of his parents, to turn his life around and change the numbers for decoration. He studied the Diploma of Interior Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and the Université de Montréal, Canada. Since then he has worked as an interior designer in the studio of Paco Terán, Ignacio García de Vinuesa, as a window dresser in El Corte Inglés, Mango has taught at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and gives lectures throughout Spain at the hands of Idearium, Tu Reforma and the Tile Newspaper.

Calle de Pelayo, 43 28004, Madrid, Spain

estudio de interiorismo

Courtesy: Guille García-Hoz Studi

Founded by Benito Escat and Pol Castells, Quintana partners is an interior design studio based in Barcelona where imagination is the developer and respect for structures is imperative. The most important of their work is the reuse of existing elements in the renovation bringing the beauty behind all paint layers. They extend their reuse mission also on furniture, giving a second chance to waste, and contributing with their grain of sand to drive a sustainable construction that affects less to the planet. Ecology is very present in their work, especially where they try to give new uses to materials.

Rambla Catalunya 49, Ppal 1ª 08007, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Piedra Papel Tijera Interiorismo is an interior design practice based in Barcelona. They are fully dedicated to design unique and loving interiors. They carry out creative interior design, brand design, business concepts and design homes taking full advantage of the space. 

Av del Marqués de la Argentera, 7 1-1, 08003, Barcelona, Spain

interior design studio

The interior design studio Marta de la Rica has been able to capture from the beginning the innovative spirit of its founder, whose proposals reflect “an avant-garde concept of interior design that takes great care in the functional sense of each space and the specific needs of each client”. Marta loves the work of “artisans who made wonderful things with simple and natural materials”. The area of action of the studio includes integral reforms, decoration projects, conditioning of commercial spaces, lighting projects, ephemeral spaces, specific furniture design, etc.

Felipe Campos 18, Bajo 28002 Madrid, Spain

Estudio vilablanch

Estudio vilablanch is an interior design studio based in Barcelona and founded in 1999 by architect Elina Vilá and interior designer Agnès Blanch.
Since then, the studio has carried out a broad range of interior architecture projects for residential and developers, offices, and commercial spaces. Over 20 years, Estudio vilablanch has been consolidating its reputation as an important point of reference in interior design. They are guided by the firm conviction that every interior design project is based on two key elements: the user and space. It is only when these two voices converge that a project comes to life and has a long future ahead.

Amigó, 78-80, bajos 08021 Barcelona, Spain

top Spanish interior design studio

Courtesy: vilablanch

Last but not least of our best interior design studios in Spain, Cuarto Interior. Founded in 2003 by Germán Alvarez, Creative Director, and José Manuel Fernández, Executive Director, Cuarto Interior is an interior design and architecture studio made up of creative professionals from a range of different backgrounds who work together to develop individual projects tailored to the needs and style of each customer. Specialising in hotels, catering and luxury residences, they offer their customers comprehensive services ranging from the initial concept to the overall implementation of each project; as well as specific consulting services including its exclusive furniture design for creating unique spaces.

C/ Bahia 29 28008, Madrid, Spain

top interior design practices in Spain

Courtesy: Cuarto Interior

Isabel Lopez Quesada

Isabel Lopes Quesada studio was established in 1983, and for thirty years, thanks to the strength of a well-ordered team, it has become one of the most prestigious interior design firms in Spain and in the world, with a rich portfolio of national works, and projects outside Spanish borders from the US to France, Japan, or the Dominican Republic. In addition to her affinity for beauty, Isabel is influenced by her travels and a genuine curiosity, which brings an eclecticism that all her works represent. Each of her designs begins with a careful and personal study of the details of the space.

Alfonso Rodriguez Santamaría, 22 28002, Madrid, Spain

Founded by Natalia Sánchez and Raúl Gastelumendi in Zaragoza, Estudio Vedruna is an interior design studio specialized in developing solutions that integrate into our homes and lives. “Furniture is more than objects, it is passion through the creation of elegant and cozy spaces to feel at home“. Studio Vedruna is even a showroom that offers a wide exhibition of modern design products.

Calle Santa Joaquina de Vedruna 20, Zaragoza, Spain


This is just our selection of the best interior design studios in Spain based on our knowledge and researches.

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