AGE 360 Building by Architects Office SP is a project in Curitiba.

It is conceived to offer a new legacy for next generations, by translating ambition, social responsibility, landscape reality, urban and life quality into a consistent, sustainable and hedonistic design.

Architects Office SP is an architecture and interior design agency based in Brazil and led by Greg Bousquet, one of the founders of . The agency is based in Brazil (Architects Office SP) and together with João Vieira (Architects Office LX) based in Portugal, stands out for the balance between the global and the local, the technical and the artistic, the organic and the mineral, city and nature.

The first Brazilian Wellness Building and one of the first residential towers in the world to receive the certification will also be one of the 20 tallest constructions in the country, reaching 124 meters with a 360o view of the city.

The design process was focused on strategic development divided into phases.

At each stage, the practice tested possibilities and alternatives, in addition to defining priorities – all together with their partners –, aiming to find the final complete solution.

Based on mass studies with models, programmatic design issues were structured in accordance with local legislation, allowing essential discussions for volumetric formulation.

The first challenge was the goal of reaching 150 meters in height, which ended up being unfeasible due to laws limiting the built-up area. For this reason, the north and east faces of the tower were chamfered.

The result is volume cut like a diamond in precise locations, providing the best placement for residential units with authentic design.

In the surroundings, Barigui Park marks the landscape, and, in an important contextual dialogue, it was incorporated into the implantation, entering the ground floor with its natural species. Barigüi Park, in native language, even before Curitiba's foundation, Barigüi meant “River of the Thorny Fruit”. Currently with 1.4 million of square meters, it is one of the city's largest park and undoubtedly the most popular.

The base structures were fragmented to follow the topography of the land in the west/east direction, creating a “topographic” and staggered insertion in its layout.

Along its ground floor, different common areas were distributed, such as a sports court, events hall, open-air cinema and children's space, housing a prolific diversity of uses, essential for the demands of contemporary housing.

The 36-story tower conceived art and technique in harmony by revealing structural solutions around the perimeter, which in turn allowed free and open plans inside the building.

Beams and slabs are externalized on the faces of the creation, and demarcate the unique graphics of the three-dimensional grid that represents the AGE360.

The residential units have areas between 200 and 560m2. And, in the middle of the building, an organic silhouette provides common areas for residents, such as a pool, spa, gym and wellness center.

The existing park extends from the ground floor to the top of the building, with balconies permeated by vegetation on all facades. Some apartments have a private garden with a swimming pool, marking the large voids in the volume.

The final result makes tangible global references to local particularities, and reveals the concepts of wellness, biophilia and technology in a unique experience of contemporary architecture.


Project: AGE360 Building
Real Estate Developer: AG7
Built area: 18.000 m2
Land area: 3.978,21 m2
Date: 2017-2023
Local: Curitiba / PR / Brazil
Architects: Architects Office / Triptyque Architecture
Responsible architect: Greg Bousquet
Associate / General Director: João Vieira
Technical Director: Renata Cupini / Julio Prieto
Project Manager: Caio Faggin
Creative Project leader: Rafael Igayara
Technical Project leader: Maina Bartholomeu / Mario Kanashiro / Caio Carvalho
Architects: Savio Jobim; Natallia Shiroma; Luis Garcia; Gabrielle Rossini; Renan Kadomoto
Director of photography: Thiago Buccieri
Construction: TEICH
Landscaping: Renata Tilli

Courtesy: Architects Office