3XN and Humlegården Fastigheter have won the internationally renowned 2022 Award in the category “best refurbished building” for their project Astoriahuset and Nybrogatan 17, located side by side in Östermalm, 's historic city centre.

The project consists of a renovated multi-story building from 1873 and the construction of a new connected office building. Together, they unite the city's past with its present while respecting the existing urban landscape.

3XN were announced as winners of a MIPIM Award in the category “best refurbished building” for their project Astoriahuset and Nybrogatan 17.

The developer and client is Humlegården Fastigheter. The focus of the award category is transformation and renovation of existing buildings, with the aim of adapting to the demands and needs of today.

The announcement took place at the awards ceremony in Cannes, where Founder and Creative Director, Kim Herforth Nielsen, and CEO Jeanette Hansen accepted the award.

“Transformation of buildings is one of the big challenges in cities today. It has been a challenging project, because the area around Nybrogatan is a sensitive one in Stockholm due to its historic significance. However, early on, the challenges of this project posed as opportunities, and this is what has made the work exciting. We're proud of how Astoriahuset and Nybrogatan 17 presents itself today, with respect to the city's physique and anatomy, and as an element in the city that creates life. The project has involved Stockholm Municipality and an exciting collaboration with Humlegården. Because of this, we stand here today with an immense joy for receiving this award,” says Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN Founder and Creative Director.

Astoriahuset, built in 1874, originally housed a cinema and offices. The project is located in the historic neighbourhood of Östermalm, and the surrounding area played a crucial role in the design and choice of materials for the new, connected office building as elements from local buildings were a significant source of inspiration.

“Astoriahuset and Nybrogatan 17 has experienced an amazing reception, since we opened its doors. We are very proud of the end result which combines the old with the new and has opened up an area which for many years was closed off. The other nominees were very impressive, so we are honoured by this award,” says Humlegården's CEO, Anneli Jansson.

Activation of a neighbourhood by a transformed Astoriahuset

3XN and Humlegrden's vision has been to combine offices and apartments in a way that creates life in the area around Nybrogatan.

The apartments of Astoriahuset have undergone an extensive but careful restoration, with the historical expression being respectfully preserved.

The former foyer of the cinema has also been restored and now serves as the entrance to a new restaurant, activating the street level.

“When you provide something new to a historic neighbourhood, it is important to add value. It has been imperative to give something back to the city and have Astoriahuset and Nybrogatan 17 attract different kinds of activity and city life,” says Audun Opdal, senior partner at 3XN, who was the partner-in-charge of the project.

Nybrogatan 17 is designed so that it complements the existing architectural style of the Östermalm district. A unique hand-ironed brick was specially produced for the project and features a darker tone of clay to add a contemporary quality.

2022 MIPIM Award in the category “best refurbished building”

Furthermore, architectural details of neighbouring historic buildings were reinterpreted as steel ornamentation in the new building.

Astoriahuset's roof connects seamlessly to Nybrogatan 17 and emphasises the connection between the two buildings.

It is a modern interpretation of the classic saddle roof, where the slope runs from a 45-degree angle into a vertical gable, adding a dynamic and distinctive motif to the new building.

“Urban development and transformation are endless processes, and the key is to make the city's past connect with its future through form and a coherent architectural identity. We are thankful for the acknowledgement of our work with transformation and proud of how the project blends into the existing urban space”, says Audun Opdal.



Photography: R. Hjortshoj