Architects ambition has always been to build up and not to destroy. Architects think about the future, a sustainable future, and stand for peace.

Archivibe join the international community as many firms in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We condemns all acts of violence, injustice and oppression.  

Here we collected some prominent voices from the International architecture community such as , , BIG and that took a stand:

MVRDV stated “Until recently, we walked the streets that are now a war zone. Our heartfelt sympathy and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. We are thinking about our friends, partners, and clients that are in danger at this moment. We support our colleagues who are worried about their country and their loved ones. We stand in solidarity with all the people who are defying and protesting against this war, and we strongly condemn the violence. As architects and urbanists, we work in many countries to make a difference and we believe wholeheartedly in international dialogue and in peace. For this reason, we have immediately stopped our involvement in projects in Russia until further notice.” Read our full statement on their website:

UNStudio said “UNStudio is deeply saddened by the Russian government's violent invasion of Ukraine, and we strongly condemn these inhumane actions. We stand with the people of Ukraine — especially our colleagues who are directly and indirectly impacted by this turmoil. We support those across Russia and beyond who are affected by the Russian government's decisions. We are currently considering how best to handle this situation and are assessing the impact it has on our staff and projects in both countries.”

BIG affirmed “BIG joins the international community in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, our colleagues, friends, and families in the region. BIG is not engaged in any projects in Russia or for the Russian government anywhere and our support for Ukraine's sovereignty, democracy, human rights, and territorial integrity is unwavering.”

Snøhetta said “As we witness the shocking tragedy unfolding Ukraine, we stand in solidarity, with all people who are defying and protesting against war. Snøhetta condemns all acts of violence and send our heartfelt thoughts to the people of Ukraine and everyone affected”

3XN/GXN said: “3XN/GXN condemns all acts of violence and stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and our colleagues, friends, and families in the region. We are devastated to witness the unfolding of the war, and send our immense and unwavering support to the people of Ukraine protesting against the war by protecting their sovereignty, democracy, human rights, and territorial integrity”

“The civilian population of Ukraine needs help. We at Krook & Tjäder have therefore decided to contribute with financial support via UNHCR. The Akelius Foundation collaborates with UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, Doctors Without Borders and UNHCR. When you contribute money through these aid organizations, the Akelius Foundation doubles your efforts. Krook & Tjäder conducts continuous and long-term Pro Bono work, nationally and internationally. Every year, we allocate resources both financially, time and effort. This means that we have room for maneuver to act to help where needed. Feel free to contact us if you want to contribute or have collaborations where we can get involved.”

Allford Hall Monaghan and Morris said “We want to express our solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and their families, and with Ukrainians around the world as the humanitarian situation worsens in #Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. You can donate now to the Disasters Emergency Committee at and find other suggested ways of supporting here.