Today is the World Day 2020! …and this is probably the craziest year we have ever lived and many are wondering if this year can get any worse.

This pandemic has changed (forever?) the way we live, we work, we interact.
But we are here! …and we want to celebrate the World Architecture Day with you.

Inaugurated by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 1985, World Architecture Day is a global observance held annually on the first Monday of October.

This year's theme is “Toward a better urban future.” Just as it is reshaping social customs and spaces all across the world, the global pandemic is revealing once again how crises affect the poorest and most vulnerable populations disproportionately.

The UIA and its member countries will mobilize today to show how urban design and architecture can make our communities strong, safe, equitable, and affordable — how they can move us toward a better urban future.

We celebrate World Architecture Day 2020 with a selection of our this year's best editorials about how to move toward a better future.

Click on the images to read the articles and …enjoy!

Designing for or designing with communities?

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We asked Alex Gordon, associate director at Jestico + Whiles, Louis Becker, Partner & Design Principal at Henning Larsen Architects, Tobias Walliser, co-founder of LAVA Architects, and architects form Ecosistema UrbanoStudioninedot, UNStudio what kind of cities do people want? Are architects designing for or designing with communities?

Benefits of timber architecture and sustainably sourced timber

Benefits of timber architecture and sustainability sourced timber

Trees, and their derivative products, have been used by societies around the world for thousands of years. Increasing numbers of architects, developers, governments, educational institutions and corporations are embracing wood since timber can replace other construction materials in many structures while providing the same functionality. In partnership with FSC Forest Stewardship Council, the international non-profit organization that claims to promote responsible management of the world's forests, we asked many of the most influencing architecture firms in Europe, such as , , , Mei about their approach to timber architecture.

The future of relations at work and workplaces after COVID-19

Best Architecture studios in Denmark

We asked some leading architects and experts such as Jan Knikker, Partner and Strategy and Development at MVRDV, Tiago Pereira, Partner and Design Principal at SchmidtHammer Lassen Architects, Cristiano Testi, Principal Director at TP Bennett, Tim Murray, Director of Moxon Architects, Matthew Blain, Principal at Hassell, Julian de Metz, Founder of dMFK, Leanne Tritton founder at ING Media their thoughts about the future of relations at work and workplaces after COVID-19.

Designing for social interaction after Covid19

Designing for social interaction

What about traveling? What about social interaction? We asked Sergey Tchoban, founder at German architecture firm Tchoban Voss, Krister Jens Industrial PHD fellow at Henning Larsen Architects, Carlo Ratti, founding partner of the international design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati and professor at MIT, Nanne De Ru, founder at Powerhouse Company, Marc Bertier, Workplace strategist, Sociologist PhD, Architect at Groupe Kardham how can designers create flexible spaces and look at repurposing and adapting existing buildings to create unique experiences?