EDIT Napoli 2020the fair dedicated exclusively to independent designers and design authors, is upon us!

The second edition in Naples kicks of on Friday 16th and will run till the 18th of October 2020 at the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore, Naples.

EDIT Napoli 2020 is the first onsite fair in Italy in the era of a pandemic that has distorted global logic. Since its inception, the exhibition has promoted design that values quality over quantity, paying great attention to exploring the creative process and the use of materials in the search for sophisticated expressiveness.

The event, organized in collaboration with the Assessorato alla Cultura e al Turismo del Comune di Napoli, gives voice to designers, manufacturers and artisans, with a focus on territoriality rather than globalization, and a spotlight on a transparent supply chainIt collects under the same label a selection of designers, companies and artisans who in their creative process make use of high quality production methods, recovering the ancient knowledge of doing to give life to contemporary ideas.

Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi | Photography: Lea Anouchinsky

Conceived by curator and design historian Domitilla Dardi and buyer and entrepreneur Emilia Petruccelli, the exhibition explores the potential of the virtual world to support the physical event. or those who could not reach Napels, it is possible to experience the fair remotely with dedicated business rooms to establish long-lasting connections. 

Buyers in particular, who have witnessed the cancellation of many trade fairs and who are logistically challenged, are the interlocutors to whom the creators look at. The fair will enable them to conduct research remotely, to talk to designers, and to nurture new collaborations.

A total of 70 exhibitors, including designers, brands and international craftsmen will present their products within the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore at EDIT Napoli 2020, a historic hotspot in the heart of the Neapolitan alleyways. Among others, well-known Italian brands such as Botteganove, DeCastelli, Fabscarte, Forma&Cemento, MEDULUM, Scapin Collezioni, Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 will feature, alongside international brands like Milla Novo, Constance Guisset Studio, architect Aline Asmar d’Amman in collaboration with Laboratorio Morseletto.

Constance Guisset Studio_Francis Photography: | Constance Guisset Studio

De Castelli has teamed up with 3 pairs of designers – Lanzavecchia + Wai, Martinelli Venezia Studio, and Zanellato/Bortotto – who have devised a new form of artistic expression working exclusively with copper, one of brand’s signature metals. The fair is be the occasion to unvail the new company project “Copper at home” that features entrance hall furniture, a games table and complementary furniture.

mr alfabeto by ninefifty

The search for a spontaneous confrontation between designer and workers, respect for the heritage of skills and know-how” are concepts dear to creative director and designer Margherita Rui.

Thus, the 2020 edition is an opportunity to present Margherita’s thinking in some new interior projects: a collection of claddings in manual terracotta and lava stone, a chair and a table accompanied by objects for the mise en place. All projects for the 950 ninefifty company which makes its debut at EDIT. Up to the textile upholstery for the outdoors, created in collaboration with Erimiti and called “Matrice” for their organic language that complements the lines and weaves of the structures of the chairs on which they rest. All under the light of “Cifra” a suspension lamp made (made / produced) in collaboration with Il Fanale and born from the fusion of cast glass with colored puffs and light.

Del Savio 1910 marble patterns |  Photography: Mattia Balsamini

New features include Del Savio 1910, the new-found atelier develops the ancient art of Palladian flooring – a technique at the core of the former family-run business –, to valorise its distinguishing traits with a contemporary touch. Del Savio 1910 reinterprets a centuries-old artisanal tradition, which originated in the north-east area of Italy, between the towns of Pordenone and Spilimbergo, to hybridise it for the global market. This project, lead under the art direction of the Zanellato/Bortotto studio, aims to celebrate and reaffirm the uniqueness, the authenticity, and the value of craftmanship.

Under the label Made in EDIT, the fair consolidates a connection with artisan production and quality design by activating an original collaboration between the multifaceted designer Sara Ricciardi and Simone Piva, dashing craftsman and master of materials. This fusion showcases the exclusive O R A collection dedicated to a pioneering idea of wellness.

Made in EDIT Reinaldo Sanguino Minori vases | Photography: Roberto Pierucci

One of the halls of the Complex will be transformed into a surprising loft animated by the creations of designers aged under 30 and brands with less than three years of history, including Basis Rho, Duilio Secondo Studio, Mirei Monticelli, Tom Robinson, STUDIO RLON, and many others.

EDIT Napoli 2020 confirms the strong link with the territory that hosts it. EDIT Cult brings international design to places that are symbols of the city’s culture: the San Carlo Theatre, which will host the collections by Martino Gamper for Moroso and by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini; Anastasio will also be the protagonist of a solo show curated by Alessandro Rabottini at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, MANN, where he will present “Aritmia” — his work regarding Ceramica Gatti 1928s archive; while for Bosa, Jaime Hayon will create “Ceramic Tower” a vertical stage where his irreverent characters enjoy showing off their lively tonality, the graphic patterns and the precious finishes an unprecedented site-specific installation designed for the Filangieri Museum.

From Naples, EDIT really looks to the future with the aim of transforming the Mediterranean city into a global benchmark for editorial and authorial design!



EDIT Napoli 2020 exhibitor list

75 B (Netherlands) www.75b.nl
Alfaterna Marmi (Italy) www.alfaternamarmi.it
Allegra Hicks (United Kingdom) www.allegrahicks.com
BCXSY (Netherlands) www.bcxsy.com per/for Sidreh (Israel) www.sidreh.org
Botteganove (Italy) www.botteganove.it
Ceramica Gatti 1928 (Italy) www.ceramicagatti.it
Constance Guisset Studio (France) www.constanceguisset.com
Cooperativa Artieri Alabastro (Italy) www.artierialabastro.it
De Castelli (Italy) www.decastelli.it
delsavio 1910 (Italy) www.delsavio.com
Edizioni SWING – SWING Design Gallery (Italy) www.swingdesigngallery.it
Fabscarte (Italy) www.fabscarte.it
Forma&Cemento (Italy) www.formacemento.com
frattinifrilli (Italy) www.frattinifrilli.it
Gae Avitabile – Tana Design (Italy) www.tanadesign.eu
Gaetano Di Gregorio (Italy) www.gaetanodigregorio.com
Hebanon Fratelli Basile – 1830 (Italy) www.hebanon.com
House of Ita (Italy) www.houseofita.com
Laboratorio Morseletto (Italy) www.morseletto.com
Luisa Longo (Italy) www.luisalongo.it
Made in EDIT (Sara Ricciardi www.sararicciardi.org with Simone Piva www.simonepiva.com
Marco Bevilacqua (Italy) www.bevilacquaarchitects.com
Margherita Fanti (Italy) www.margheritafanti.com
Margherita Rui (Italy) www.margheritarui.com
Marisa Coppiano www.marisacoppiano.com con/with Anna Fresa (Italy) www.annafresadesign.com
Marta Benet (Italy) www.martabenet.com
MEDULUM (Italy) www.medulum.it
MIA Edizioni (Italy) www.galleriamia.it
Milla Novo (Netherlands) www.millanovo.com
MYOP (Italy) www.myop.me
Nesite www.nesite.com + Kanz (Italy) www.kanzarchitetti.com
Ooh Design (Italy) Gala Rotelli www.galarotelli.com and Orsola Fontana www.orsolafontana.it
Piatto Unico (Italy) www.piattounico.eu
Plinio il Giovane (Italy) www.plinioilgiovane.com
Scapin Collezioni (Italy) www.scapincollezioni.com
Servomuto (Italy) www.servomuto.com
Simone Crestani www.simonecrestani.com
e/and Giordano Viganò (Italy) www.giordanovigano.it
Simone Piva www.simonepiva.com + Sara Ricciardi (Italy) www.sararicciardi.org
Spazio Materiae (Italy) www.spaziomateriae.com
Studio Zero (Italy) www.designstudiozero.com
Sylcom Light (Italy) www.sylcomlight.com
Tipstudio (Italy) www.tipstudio.it
Valentina Giovando (Italy) www.valentinagiovando.com
Victoria Episcopo (Italy) www.victoriaepiscopo.com