Deep Blue, a new sea food restaurant designed by Contacto Atlântico, the Portuguese firm based in Estoril founded by the Architect André Caiado, has been presented.

Deep Blue is located in the very center of , just few meters away from the beautiful centenary olive tree where genius Saramago rests in peace. The seafood restaurant occupy the space of the former Cantina Zé Avillez, by chef José Avillez.

Deep Blue will have about 30 seats inside and another 40 on the terrace, which will be on Rua dos Arameiros, perpendicular to Rua dos Bacalhoeiros.

The restaurant is an unusual space in Lisbon with a design inspired by the old French seafood restaurants, and offering a menu of exquisite Portuguese soul, breathes an air that oscillates between the elegance and the melancholy of the sea.

The intense blue that surrounds the space calls for a marine Saudade that is enjoyed in every corner with the eyes and the palate. The wooden slat base and the stone points give to the space the necessary quality to allow the diner to feel in a cozy atmosphere, in the safety of a warm boat in the middle of the rough sea.

Lighting also plays a fundamental role, with its vintage style, with long golden chains and large glass balls, it will be in charge of collecting the space in an atmosphere of mystical luxury from another era. Finally, the mirrors, the golden accessories and the fabrics of the different furnishings will give a touch of brightness and spaciousness to the whole.

Without a doubt, Deep Blue by  is a new must-see spot in the city, where you can enter the deep ocean with all your senses, a unique experience that could only be possible in the westernmost capital of Europe.


Images courtesy: Contacto Atlântico