Italian Design Systems, what makes it world class?” is the official name of the design course designed and planned by Daniele Prosdocimo for and design students that take place from 10th to 19th December 2017.

The design course is specifically designed to give students of architecture and design an opportunity to learn about the design process in Italy from the design concept to the showroom, through industrialization and communication. The aim is to provide a focused and intense exposure to Italian design, that will help participants appreciate the reasons for Italian design excellence in luxury products, furniture, interiors and architecture. Faculties from India are prof. Mukesh Patel and Architectours Brand Ambassador in India Jaydeep Desai.

The course has different main elements: the first is an opportunity to visit some of the leading design firms linked to the Architectours companies network as , , , , Rexa Design and where students will observe the “behind – the – scenes” design process and interact with designers.

The second key element of the design course will be hands – on workshops spread over three days which will enable students to learn about the process of design thinking and development. The purpose of workshop called The Room Experience, developed by arch. Davide Fabio Colaci and his studio, is to rethink the unit of the contemporary domestic scenario: the room. To dwell today requires an experience of the contemporary dimension, capable of revealing a new relationship between globality and our private space. The room, like a symbolic unit, is a land of research, a place where we can reconstruct meaning with the physical and the virtual space of our daily life. The room is not just a part of the inside of a building separated from other spaces parts by walls, floor and ceiling, but is an extreme summary of human shapes and events. The workshop will be hosted inside .Milano a place in Zona Tortona where architects, designers and brands usually find inspirations, opportunities and can explore new synergies.

The design of this unit crosses furnishings, objects, colors, textures and materials with social media and communication to create an interior as a place able to rewrite our lives trough the experience,just like in the italian design from the 1950s to the present. It has often used the furniture products an activator of an innovative experience, especially in the domestic landscape, where the user (or dweller) is considered as a person to better explain its projects and enhance its own spaces. The relationship between furniture, object, space and user has always been, in the landscape of the italian design, a cornerstone of expressive and extraordinary energy. The history of the italian furniture industry has always been formed by an open system bounded to its territory, led by entrepreneurs able to engage a spin-of of workshops organized in specialized districts. This flexible production system has allowed “the designer” to be the promoter of a unique expressive research. The italian design has in its roots a system of “meanings” and “values” that are unique in terms of identity because the designer has become the flux of energy capable of generating new expressive codes with the market and, especially, with its user and its space.

The third main element of this design course will include visits to some showrooms of premier design companies in  to view and evaluate display of latest designs in Italy. They will even have the chance to visit Studiolabo headquarter, the design and communications studio that developed Brera Design District and Fuorisalone formats.  In particular Brera Design District is a territorial marketing strategy which, by means of a dedicated communications plan, aims to promote excellence and to develop business and real estate in the area, enhancing the district's cultural supply and appeal, and bringing together tradition and innovation in the broad field of design. The project involves several brands and professionals already present in Brera and temporary investors, sponsors and exhibitors who find the district's unique and suggestive locations to be an ideal showcase.

Apart from gaining an in depth understanding of the design process in Italy, students will be encouraged to consider ways in which design thinking can be applied to modern interiors and Architecture. Students will also have the opportunity to see Italian architecture in a variety of styles, from classical to post modern and visit the Triennale Milano exhibition There is a planet a monographic exhibition devoted to Ettore Sottsass on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. The title of the exhibition is that of a project that Sottsass started in the 1990s for the German publisher Wasmuth, but never completed. The project for the book, now published by Electa, was to form five groups of photographs taken by Sottsass on his travels around the world, each with its own title and essay. The photos would be of architecture, houses, doors, people and situations involving dwellings and, in more general terms, the presence of humans on the planet.

Italian Design Systems, what makes it world class?
10th – 19th December 2017

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Photo credits: Francesco Dolfo