LINK Arkitektur, a leading Scandinavian architectural business in life-science and hospital design, listed in our “best architecture firms in Norway” announced a new strategy to expand its award-winning healing architecture practice internationally.

The Scandinavian approach to life-science and hospital design is recognised across the world for focussing on the benefits of healing architecture.

LINK Arkitektur is at the forefront of this enterprise. As a Scandinavian leader, LINK has taken a significant market position in design and construction management of hospitals and clinical facilities, at a time when healthcare could not be more important.

best architecture firms in Scandinavia

LINK Arkitektur Headquarters in Oslo | Courtesy: LINK Arkitektur

Much of this success is attributed to three factors, namely understanding the value of evidence-based design, creating efficient workflows for staff, and employing the benefits of healing architecture to nurture the physical and mental wellbeing of patients.

Recognising the success achieved in Scandinavia, LINK today announced a new strategy to expand its healing architecture practice internationally.

To lead this opportunity, Mikael Pontoppidan, former Head of Business Development at LINK Arkitektur Denmark will move to a new group-wide position as Commercial Director for International Projects.

I am excited to build on LINK’s strong Scandinavian foundation in healthcare, and expand our potential overseas, starting in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. When it comes to designing healthcare and clinical facilities, our unique human-centred design focus will bring an outlook to how healthcare facilities can be experienced by staff, visitors, and most importantly of all, patients.” says Mikael.

LINK Arkitektur has already embarked on developing projects in the Middle East and Africa.

To further advance its international growth strategy, LINK intends to consolidate external partnerships, strengthen ties with its parent Multiconsult, and as part of a wider initiative, is also pleased to announce that it has joined the prestigious, International Design Alliance.