Award 2022 will honour the most memorable projects of Fuorisalone from this year.

On the occasion of , the new Fuorisalone Award will be launched, conceived as a recognition for the most memorable contents and installations presented during Milano Design Week.

Building on the experience gained in the past with the Milano Design Award, produced by Elita (last edition in 2018), Fuorisalone Award intends to exploit the renewed digital platform to consolidate the relationship and a sense of trust with its growing audience.

Fuorisalone and Brera Design District 2022 press preview

As affirmed during the press preview today, The Fuorisalone Award aims to promote both the most distinctive installations on show in (Audience Award) and also contents, projects, activities of interest for the international design community (Special Mentions).

Thanks to the contribution of Regione Lombardia, the Fuorisalone Award 2022 also aims to reward the best projects presented during the 2022 itself, where the Fuorisalone is actually the beginning of a journey that will take the winners through to the following year's edition.

The projects that will be competing for the Audience Award will be visible on a dedicated section of the website, and will be accessible through a system of event pages with content and photos.

Voting will start on Tuesday 7th June 2022. Users will be able to vote after registering on the platform.

The Audience Award is aimed at the 20 most memorable installations/events of the 2022 edition, selected through a work curated by Studiolabo/

The award aims at having a strongly democratic value, since it is decreed on the basis of direct public votes.

In a dedicated section of the platform, the public will be able to find out more about the shortlisted installations (via links to the corresponding event pages) and vote for their favourite, thus contributing to decreeing – for the first time – the most exciting and incredible events and installations of the Fuorisalone.

A combined work carried out by a technical committee will instead focus on contents of relevance for the project and design sector that are qualitatively innovative and rich in meaning.

The selected projects will compete for four special mentions in the categories:

  1. Mention INTERACTION > The ability to create an immersive experience capable of stimulating the senses and actively involving the public.
  2. Mention SUSTAINABILITY > The ability to give shape not only to virtuous processes and products with a low environmental impact: sustainability as a means for imagining new solutions for tomorrow.
  3. Mention TECHNOLOGY >  The ability to innovate by restoring a balance between humans and their environment: the use of technology as a central factor in protecting the planet.
  4. Mention COMMUNICATION > The ability to produce a clear and immediate communication design, adopting an inclusive language that embraces human diversity.

This section of the award supports the value of Design Culture, which is not necessarily only expressed in its physical and aesthetic appearance, but also in its deeper meaning, producing value and offering alternative and increasingly innovative visions.

The “Observers” who will be in charge of selecting the best contents, projects, activities of interest for the world of design, in line with the categories of the special mentions will be: Clara Bona, Elisa Massoni, Patrizia Scarzella, Walter Terruso and Basil Green Pencil (Chiara Centrone e Maykol Andreotti).

The Jury who will elect the winners of the special mentions is made by several professionals representing the various disciplines that are linked to the Design System: Design, Art and Academy & Research.

The Jury of Fuorisalone Award 2022 is composed by Federica Sala, Paolo Ferrarini, Valentina Ventrelli, Mariagrazia Mattei, Nicola Ricciardi, Mauro Martino, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Francesco Zurlo, Cristiano Seganfreddo and Davide Fassi.

The winner of the Fuorisalone Award will be awarded with the physical prize and a related NFT, through which he/she will be able to visualize in detail the virtual processing of the Fuorisalone data.

Paolo Casati, owner of Studiolabo and co-founder of, said: “The decision to match the award with an NFT is driven by the desire of Studiolabo, author of, to always develop new and innovative communication processes and languages capable of creating a direct relationship with the context, making the most of the opportunities offered by digital”.