Who doesn’t love to spend the holiday time playing board games with friends? Are you an architect, an interior designer, an engineer, an urban planner or simply an architecture enthusiast? Here, we will suggest you a list of some of the best architecture board games.

Modern Architecture Game

Test your knowledge of the greatest architects, their famous buildings and their legendary quotes by answering general questions about architecture and popular culture. Insights in the world’s most famous architects, buildings and trends of the Western architecture, all through the roll of a dice. The goal is simple: to reach the heart of the board before anyone else. This is done by moving your way through questions in six categories: Visuals, Architect, Project, Style, Influence and Quote. The second edition of the new Modern Architecture Game designed by Next Architecture promises to be a party hit amongst architecture lovers!

Build me

Build me is amongst our best architecture board games! It’s conceived to play on the construction theme and the risks. To win the game, players (architects or futur architects) have to assemble like they want 16 pieces to construct their building and to put the card “end of construction”. The construction can take the shape of a tower or like your imagination can create! But be careful, other players, also architects,  are going to finish building before you and to stop you. Be quick, smart and creative! This game allows a pleasure moment in family, a game spends about 40 minutes.

The Good Architect

Bring architectural history of the Western world to your tabletop. Play to assemble the most cohesive building, collecting items from architecturally significant eras and styles from the Pre-Industrial Age such as Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Renaissance! Boost your craftsmanship, material quality, and building’s propriety. Create combinations using your items to increase your score while fighting off your competitors. Notable archaeologists help uncover things once lost. Navigate demanding clients, natural disasters, and influential historic architects wanting to make their mark on your project. Mount Vesuvius erupts, a plague wipes out your workforce, Michelangelo contributes to your design, anything can happen! The one who can maneuver these obstacles and create the best building is, until the next round, The Good Architect.

Skyline Chess

Skyline Chess brings the iconic architecture of the World’s most famous cities to your chessboard!


In the Copenhagen architecture board game, players must create new facades for homes to unite seamlessly in this port environment. Using the cards, players will receive the corresponding facade tiles with which they can decorate their houses. The player who most cleverly builds their fasade-tiles and uses their abilities to the full potential will be the winner of the game.


Iconic is a card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game. Presented projects are realized in the entire world by symbolic people from architecture and propose eclectic of this discipline.

architecture board game

Architectural Engineering

Soaring spires, towering arches, fascinatingly complex curves and angles! Build your foundation in architectural design with Architectural Engineering, a fascinating STEM experiment kit that explores the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures. By getting hands-on you’ll develop an understanding of how architectural engineers apply scientific principles to their designs and how the buildings and structures of the 21st century push materials and engineering to the limits.


Fuorisalone board game

Among the best architecture board games, Fuorisalone can’t miss! This board game was born on the occasion of the 15 years of the Fuorisalone.it, the website that traces the events of the Worldwide most famous design week held in Milan every year. Study the best strategy to collect the design events that will earn you the most points. Choose the best daily path and collect the design objects before the others… The winner is the one who is best at moving around the city, identifying the most important places and events according to the time of day, exactly as it happens in reality. (Discover our best architecture events during Milano Design Week 2019)

Floor Plan

In Floor Plan, players take on the role of an Architect designing a house for a client. Each round, a pair of dice are rolled and then players will act simultaneously, using the dice to either draw a new room onto their floor plan or add crucial architectural and landscaping features. The game ends when any player has completed two tasks for the client. The player with the most points is the winner – the client likes their design best and they earn that lucrative commission!

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If you are an urban planner CitiesUp can’t miss amongst your best architecture board games! CitiesUp is a Kickstarter-funded board game that invites players to build their very own neighborhoods. Designed for two to four players, the immersive board game gives each participant the role of a traditional real estate investor, allowing them to purchase residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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LEGO® Architecture

LEGO® Architecture offers a wide range of iconic buildings from all over the world. From the Sears Tower released in 2008 to the recently added Empire State building go back to being a child. For all the impressiveness of the true-to-life kits, you will have the freedom to experiment without any consequence.

architecture board games


You are architects that must complete three different buildings by using Blueprints. Who will be the best architect? Get your Blueprint and choose a die that you will use to erect your building. Finally, reveal your building and find out who wins the awards and prizes. After a few rounds, you will see who was able to build his way to victory!

Cities: Skylines – The Board Game

Cities: Skylines brings to life the best-selling video game from Paradox Interactive as a physical experience in which players must work together to plan, build, and manage a city. Starting with a vacant plot of land, players can develop their own residential, commercial, and industrial areas, to create new neighborhoods and landscapes. Mirroring the zoning challenges of real life, each player has to consider a multitude of factors, including the environment, crime, traffic flow, and access to education and financial resources for the inhabitants of their city. A successful city comes from thoughtful development resulting in a happy population.