from December 09, 2017 to – December 20, 2017

Italian Design Systems 2017 | What makes it World class?

This course is specifically designed to give students of architecture and design an opportunity to learn about the design process followed in Italian companies and design studios.

The aim is to provide students, a focused and intense exposure to Italian design, that will help them appreciate the reasons for its excellence in luxury products, furniture, fashion, interiors and architecture.

The course has three main elements: the first is an opportunity to visit some of the leading design firms where students will be observe the “behind-the-scenes” design process and interact with designers.

The second key element of the course will be hands-on workshops of three days managed by prof. arch Davide Colaci which will enable students to learn about the process of design thinking and UX design.

The third element will include visits to factories and in-house showrooms of premier design companies as well as exhibition venues in and around Venice and Milan to view and evaluate display of latest designs in Italy.

Apart from gaining an in depth understanding of the design process in Italy, students will also be encouraged to explore options of design process can be applied or integrated in modern interiors and architecture. Dr Prosdocimo will act as the local Italian expert during the visit to Italy.

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