Milan Arch Week is back, from Wednesday, May 23 to Sunday, May 27.

The title of the second edition is Urbania: A Look at the Future of Cities and it will be a wide-ranging opportunity for refecting on the future dynamics of and on the complexities of contemporary urban centers. The discussion will take place in three of the leading centers of training and debate in the city of Milan: the University, di , and the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation.

Milan Arch Week once again makes Milan the World Capital of Architecture, involving the general public in an ambitious program of events that is open to all, with workshops, installations, exhibitions, performances, and lectures with some of the most prestigious winners of the Pritzker Prize: , Toyo Ito, , and . And there are some of the top names on the international scene, such as Bjarke Ingels, , Sou Fujimoto, , , , Jeanne Gang, , , , , , and .

The Politecnico and La Triennale di Milano will approach the subject of the future of cities from the point of view of design and architecture, with lectures by great international architects.
The , on the other hand, will explore the implications of spaces on cities through its About a City: Places, Ideas and Rights for 2030 Citizens program.
A public lecture by Jacques Herzog on Thursday, May 24 will mark the start of an intense program of talks, debates, shows and screenings.

Lecture Patio architettura Politecnico

Chaired by Stefano Boeri, Mauro Magatti, and Salvatore Settis, Milan Arch Week's program will revolve around three main challenges, which will emerge from a constructive confrontation between Milan and other international cities:

  1. the growing diversity and problems of coexistence, the rights of minorities, and access to services.
  2. the advance of digital technology, technological infrastructures, and the immaterial dimension of future cities.
  3. the imperative for sustainability and resilient green-based approaches to urban planning in harmony with nature.

Architects, administrators, policy makers, scientists, philosophers, writers, urban planners will discuss the connection between sustainable and inclusive development, urban transformation, and citizenship.

On Saturday, May 26 and on Sunday, May 27, it will be possible to take part in Veduta, in the scenic reading room on the fifth foor. This artistic performance is devoted to the city and to a future-oriented vision of the urban landscape with mk, one of the most exciting companies of international choreography, in partnership with the Triennale Teatro dell'Arte.

Milan Arch Week 2018 will also be an opportunity to spread innovative urban policies around the area and involve the foremost cultural institutions in the city, bringing together the contributions of great international masters of architecture and those of young, emerging designers. Particular attention will be paid to the question of urban forestation, which is seen as a key means to combat the huge issue of climate change.

2018 is also a platform where citizens, professionals, public administrations and companies can come together in a wide-ranging, open discussion on urban transformation, sustainability, mobility, and technological and social innovation. The five-day event will thus see a wealth of ideas about the question of public spaces and new cultural institutions: how they come into being, how they develop, how they relate to the local population, and how they can rede fine the relationship between the center and the suburbs. The future of metropolitan areas will be analyzed in two important debates between national and international institutions and architects.

Lecture Salone d'onore Triennale

Among the various exhibitions, the Politecnico will host a monographic display on Carrilho da Graça, curated by Andrea Gritti, and Remix, curated by Marco Biraghi.

Luigi Ghirri: The Landscape of Architecture, a retrospective on the great Modena-born photographer, curated by Michele Nastasi, an exhibition organized by Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea di Cinisello Balsamo and La Triennale di Milano, will open at the Triennale on May 24.

Urban spaces in Lebanon will be examined in an exhibition in the same museum, with works by Armando Perna and Saba Innab, curated by Emilia Giorgi and produced in collaboration with the Fondazione Merz. A focus on photography, science and architecture will be curated by Paolo Rosselli.

Then there will be the e-flux Teatrino pavilion designed by Matteo Ghidoni – Salottobuono for e-flux Architecture. The pavilion is made with the help of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (FVG) Region and by Filiera del Legno FVG (with the coordination of Regione FVG and Innova FVG) and will host interviews with leading exponents of design.

There will also be an intense series of workshops, ranging from Archive of Resistance, with IRA-C and Fosbury Architecture in collaboration with Domus, to Kids as Architects of Tomorrow, with Parasite 2.0.

Last but not the least there will be forays into the world of landscape, with The Empowerment of Nature, by Matteo Poli and Sara Gangemi, and into that of the written word, with BookCity.

The full program of Milan Arch Week 2018 will be available soon at