In these years Brera Design Days promoted the design culture through workshops, talks and exhibitions applied to different field such as AI, Graphic Design, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Territory and many others.

This year, Architectours is cultural partner of the Brera Design Days 2019. Just back from our architecture firms tour in London we had the chance to visit many of the most influencing architecture firms in the World. Architects in London are still referring to Leonardo and the Roman architecture! What does it happen in the last 500 years?

The theme of the Brera Design Days 2019 does not seem to be more appropriate today: “GRAND’ITALIA (?)“.

Italy still holds a leading position in the design field: personalities who have shaped history, a suited environment, excellent schools and long established companies, however the capacity of self-generation, due to the match between visionary designers and illuminated entrepreneurs, is having a hard time to renew itself and abroad design is no longer just product, but increasingly intangible project, thought and process.

Italy struggles to develop a design culture shared throughout the country, and despite Italians hold primary roles, it fails to emerge as a national system in some fields. Some examples are Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Service Design, Design for All….and we add architecture!

So, is this a “GRAND’ITALIA”?
Could it become great again?
When and at what cost?

As cultural partner of Brera Design Days 2019, we are optimistic too and, like the organization of Brera Design Days 2019, we think that in Italy there are still so many excellences, but today, as never before, there is the strong need to set up a system, to do networking. Not staying isolated from each other, because it is simply unprofitable, not very productive, and let’s face it frankly: very boring. At least let’s have fun.

That is why Architectours is organizing two days of educational tours to discover the best Italian architecture firms based in Milan, their design approach and their views on the future of Italy.

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The schedule of Brera Design Days 2019 is currently being defined.
If you also want to be a protagonist of these discussions, if you want to be a spokesperson of the topic, if you want to help the festival to become more and more a reference point for the national and international design, please contact Brera Design Days 2019 organization here.