Here we list our best architecture events and installations during 2019, the week that celebrates English design with design-related events, public projects, trade shows, talks, tours and installations from 14-22 September 2019. This year also marks 11 years with the V&A as a collaborating partner and the official Festival hub. During the Festival, the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance will once again play host to a series of specially-commissioned projects by internationally-renowned designers.

Non-Pavilion by , and

The idea of endless economic growth is proving environmentally unsustainable. With the global population hurtling towards 11 billion by the end of the century, we cannot continue our consumerist pattern. The Non-Pavilion creates a space in its most minimal sense, inviting visitors to engage with the idea of ‘less’ as enrichment rather than loss. Drawing on the beauty and simplicity of Swiss Baugespanne – the poles, rods and wires erected to help the public visualise the impact of a proposed development – the Non-Pavilion serves as a ghostly reminder of our urgent need to produce less.

Best architecture events at London Design Festival

V&A, The Sackler Courtyard Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge Kensington, London

’s Bamboo (竹) Ring at V&A

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has most recently designed the V&A Dundee, his first building in the UK, as well as the New National Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics along with Taisei Corporation and Azusa Sekkei. Bamboo (竹) Ring: Weaving into Lightness is inspired by the John Madejski Garden and curated by Clare Farrow. The doughnut-shaped structure – like a nest or cocoon – has been created by weaving rings of bamboo and carbon fibre together. For Kuma, working with Ejiri Structural Engineers and the Kengo Kuma Laboratory at The University of Tokyo, the installation is an exploration of pliancy, precision, lightness and strength: by pulling two ends, it naturally de-forms and half of the woven structure is lifted into the air.

Best architecture events at London Design Festival

John Madejski Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Rd Knightsbridge

Please Be Seated by

Amongst the best architecture events and installations during London Design Festival 2019 is the site specific installation “Please be seated”. The large-scale installation designed by Paul Cocksedge (founder with Joana Pinho of the Paul Cocksedge Studio in 2004) fuses innovation and technology, and responds to the changing rhythm of the community: its design features curves for people to sit on and walk under, further enhancing London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood. The work is made from scaffolding planks, and Cocksedge has collaborated with Essex-based high-end interiors company White & White to re-imagine and re-use the building wood.

Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate, London

Snøhetta Book Pavilion

Amongst the best architecture events and installations during London Design Festival 2019 the Snøhetta Book Pavilion. Launched at last year’s festival, Snøhetta was inspired to create a contemporary visual form which adhered to the traditional principles of a library. The book pavilion is a mechanical, rotating construction reminiscent of oversized books that flip to create a variety of spaces. All visitors to the Snøhetta Book Pavilion are encouraged to explore and interact with the space as well as the books it contains.

Best architecture events at London Design Festival

Paddington Central, Book Pavilion Kingdom Street, London

’s Idiosincratico and Disco Carbonara at Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard will be home to a Festival Commission by Martino Gamper. This one-off site-specific installation is a playful temporary addition to the King’s Cross architecture: a false facade of a disco with a fresh take on traditional cladding from the Italian Alps. Gamper’s concept is designed as a gateway within Coal Drops Yard and is inspired by the concept of a Potemkin village. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village built to impress Empress Catherine II by her lover Grigory Potemkin during her journey to Crimea in 1787.

Idiosincratico is an exposition of the designer’s creative practice curated by Jane Withers. The Samsung space will offer a unique vantage point on Gamper’s installation Disco Carbonara below. As well as viewing the exhibit, visitors can also interact with the latest technology, and take part in an ongoing series of events, workshops and performances.

Best architecture events at London Design Festival

Coal Drops Yard Stable St, Kings Cross, London

PlaceLabs explores the art and experimentation that makes great places. The September edition will host experts sharing stories, predictions and musings on ‘Curiosity’ – a trait that drives creative people who always have their eyes and ears open for inspiration and influence. PlaceLabs is a quarterly event that encourages inventive thinking around the built environment. How can we design places that keep curiosity alive, whilst feeding and magnetising creative talent?

Best architecture events at London Design Festival

Storey Club 4 Kingdom St, London

Victoria: Then & Now with

Landsec is the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK. The design of commercial real estate and office space is highlighted throughout the tour. The tour begins in the foyer of 80 Victoria Street and make its way down Victoria Street passed 123 Victoria Street up to 62 Buckingham Gate where you will marvel at the magnificent art which is housed in many of Landsec office receptions including a Grayson Perry tapestry, passed The Zig Zag Building which was designed for the greater well-being of its tenants, through Cardinal Place, passed the newly renovated Victoria Palace Theatre and finally ending in Nova North.

80 Victoria Street Westminster, London

Architecture firms and design events with Architectours

Amongst the most interesting architecture events at London Design Festival 2019 we cannot quote our educational tour in collaboration with Lago, through some of the most famous architecture firms in London such as AHMM and Jestico + Whiles, the visit of the RIBA headquarter and the visit to one of the most interesting design events such as designjunction where we will even have a personal speech by Steuart Padwick about “Talk to me” installation and Matteo Bianchi Studio about the ELLE Decoration Cafè inside the exhibition.