I have just returned from a presentation trip of our educational tours programme to some of the most interesting architecture firms in and .

It has been an amazing week where I had the chance to present our projects and the benefits of hosting our events to many inspiring architects and architecture firms.

As told, our architecture firms and buildings educational tours are designed to provide young architects, interior designers, architects and students of architecture an opportunity to experience and learn about the new boundaries of architecture: an educational tour is always a chance to be inspired by breaking-through architects while visiting the most renowned studios; to learn the architecture philosophy of the most influential architecture firms in the world with fun and interactive sessions outside the monotonous routine; to experience some of the most awarded buildings guided by their creators; to socialize and interact with people from all walks of life and retain memories for longer periods, and gain knowledge more effectively.

But it is not only a chance for the attending students and architects, it is even a chance for the architecture firms to present themselves or their projects to a wider audience, the archivibe.com network! In the meanwhile, they can even know and evaluate motivated students and architects searching for a job or a new position for future recruitment and activate corporate social responsibility activities.

Our architecture educational tours are usually supported by “enlightened” companies that want to present themselves and get in touch and network with architecture firms in a different and smart way by fostering the educational growth of our hosts (students and architects) and by creating unique content to share in their communication activities.

A win-win-win educational tours activity that connects the architects that are shaping the world today, the architects of tomorrow, building materials and design companies.

The awesome architecture firms we met and involved in Copenhagen during this presentation tour are:

COBE Architects a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on architecture and design – from buildings to public space, to large scale urban planning.  is situated in a refurbished warehouse centrally located on the Copenhagen harbor front in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, and currently employs approximately 130 dedicated architects, urban planners and administrative staff of different nationalities. They aim to create social interaction through all their projects with an inclusive approach to architecture based on social, practical, economical and environmental issues integrated within the process.

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COBE Architects

Schmidt Hammer Lassen was founded in Aarhus, in 1986 by architects Morten Schmidt, Bjarne Hammer and John F. Lassen. With more than 30 years of experience, Architects is one of the most award-winning and amongst the best architecture firms in Denmark. Working out of studios located in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Shanghai, they provide skilled architectural services all over the world, with a distinguished track record as designers of international high-profile architecture. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is deeply committed to the Nordic architectural traditions based on democracy, welfare, aesthetics, light, sustainability and social responsibility. In 2018, Schmidt Hammer Lassen became part of global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

NORD architects was founded in 2003. The architecture firm is led by three partners: architects Morten Rask Gregersen, Johannes Molander Pedersen and Mia Baarup Tofte. The office has been a pioneer in recreating the architectural process by inviting diverse professionals as well as other stakeholders to participate. Their practice is rooted in new Scandinavian architecture – and as a result they see architecture as an important social component, that helps to create welfare. Their projects have an extensive span from innovation and process design, urban development, urban design to all building typologies; healthcare buildings, culture and sport buildings, daycare institutions, schools, offices and apartments. NORD was founded with an ambition to make architecture socially relevant and create debate.

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NORD architects

KANT architects, originally called the Copenhagen Architectural Group, was founded in 1977 and in the early years focused on the urban renewal of Copenhagen's bridge neighborhoods. In 2005 Anders Bay Holm joined the partner group and in 2011 Uffe Bay-Smidt also joined as a partner. In 2015 Sebastian Soelberg and Karl-Martin Buch Frederiksen were appointed as partners in the company. Their foundation is, therefore, a long and proud tradition in renovation tasks, and they specialize in energy optimizations of the existing building stock, long before concepts such as energy renovation and sustainability existed.  have a long experience in housing construction with a desire to create the best possible framework for quality of life and well-being. Today, they focus on both privately financed and supported housing, including family housing, youth housing, nursing homes, psychiatric homes, etc.

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KANT architects

EFFEKT is the Danish word for impact. Founded by Sinus Lynge and Tue Foged, is a collaborative office based in Copenhagen. As part of the new generation of Danish architects revitalizing the Nordic tradition, EFFEKT has in recent years distinguished themselves on both the national and international scene through highly profiled and award-winning projects within architecture and urban planning. Our approach is rooted in the humanistic Scandinavian design tradition that focuses on honest, intuitive and empathic design centered around the human scale, democratic values and a pragmatic approach to function and form in relation to physical and social context. They work with architecture and planning in a broader sense, creating positive change by incorporating new technologies and interdisciplinary knowledge they develop responsible projects that create lasting value for all stakeholders.

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KHR Arkitekter, formerly known as KHRAS, is a Danish architecture firm founded in 1946 and based in Copenhagen. The company was founded by Gunnar Krohn and E. Hartvig Rasmussen. During the 1960s, the company started focusing on European styles applied to public buildings in Denmark.  explores the boundaries of architecture with curiosity and do not shy away from experimenting with new methods and materials. Their architecture has a clear Nordic standpoint in the sense that they strive for a simple and clear mode of expression where the individual, the place and the function are in focus. For KHR Architecture, a house is not just a house. Architecture is more than mere form, function and colour. Great architecture changes the way we look at the world and creates new modes of living and working.

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KHR Arkitekter

Christensen & Co. is an award-winning international architectural practice based in Copenhagen. It was founded by Michael Christensen in 2006. Today, the partner group consists of Creative Director & Founding Partner Michael Christensen, CEO Vibeke L. Lindblad and Thomas Nørgaard, Mikkel H. Sørensen and Michael Larsen. Since 2006, they have made architecture that challenges conventional thinking. This has resulted in a wide range of buildings, which has received international recognition and awards. Their works include culture and sports facilities, institutions, advanced educational buildings and universities, as well as commercial and residential properties. People are at the center of all their projectsand Christensen & Co strive to create architecture that strengthens and supports social interaction.

Briq is a Copenhagen-based design agency working in the fields of architecture, spatial design, and visual communication. Their mission is to create spaces that bring people together to live, work, and socialize approaching each space as if we tey going to live there themselves. They believe in the fact that hospitalization is needed in all public spaces and that they, because of their retail heritage, offer their clients a product that is deeply rooted in the identity of the bespoke city. At the same time, balances aspects of recreational space, commercial space, and cultural space.


The architecture firms we met and involved in Madrid are:

A-cero was founded in 1996 by Joaquin Torres Architects & Rafael Llamazares with the objective of fulfilling their vision of the architecture. They are based in two main headquarters located in Madrid and La Coruña from where they develop their work at national and international level. The scope of A-cero services includes from the urban planning to the architectural development at all stages, including up to the furniture and the interior design. Their self-explaining architecture aspires to go beyond the resolution of functional needs thanks to the form and the constructive coherence. In each project we work to make our vision of architecture and the needs of our clients come true.

Among the best interior design studios in , we can find an art gallery and interior design consultant. Gärna is a Swedish word with more than 20 different meanings, all of them extremely positive that define their values. It is basically synonymous with doing things willingly, with enthusiasm, with pleasure and kindness. In Gärna Homes, they acquire, design, reform, build and decorate houses for sale. An important part of the Gärna Studio process is to accompany their clients, providing them with a 360º vision that goes from the conception of the project to the final details. For them, the most interesting thing is to merge architecture with interior design through their commitment to excellence in quality and finishes. Each project is completely unique, a challenge in itself.

Proyecto Singular is conceived as a design studio focused on the generation of architectural concepts. The integration of a thorough design and maximum functionality is key for their project development. They work on a conceptual idea which leads the way to embrace the project extensively. This allows the creation of spaces that emerge coherently. They say that “It becomes essential to keep an open mind and learn how to share new ideas and necessities both among the team and with our clients in order to generate a space to remember. Constant creativity provides the versatility needed to adapt to projects of all kinds and scales”

Jean Porsche Arquitectura + Interiores was founded by Jean Porsche in 2013. Originally from Mexico and based in Madrid since 2004. His studio works in different residential and commercial projects mainly in Spain, but having projects also in Portugal, France, and Mexico. The particular style of Jean Porsche in his designs is a mix of colour, textures and geometry, with a strong base in the architectural layouts, taking advantage of his background and experience. Nowadays, Jean Porsche has made a name in Interior Design in Spain as a reference of style, colour, and extravagance in a perfect mixture. His portfolio include restaurants as Coque, the 2 Michelin Star Restaurante by Mario Sandoval in Madrid, Lú Cocina y Alma, a 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Jerez de la Frontera, Maison Lu in Marbella, Creme de la Creme in Madrid, Mamaine Mojitos Cocktail Bar in Barcelona, and many residential projects in Madrid, Paris, Mexico, Jerez de la Frontera, Barcelona and Marbella.

Jean Porsche

Jean Porsche

Amongst the best architecture firms in Spain can't miss Rafael de la Hoz, a multi-disciplinary International Architecture Practice based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1.920, it is one of the most prestigious and longest standing architecture firms in the world. Experience and knowledge acquired over all these years have enabled the successful completion of more than 500 projects in 20 different countries. They are renowned for their outstanding architecture and our steadfast commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

Founded in 2000 by architects Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, ecosistema urbano is a design and consulting company operating within the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering and sociology, with offices in Madrid and Miami. They define their approach as urban social design, by which we understand the design of environments, spaces and dynamics in order to improve self-organization of citizens, social interaction within communities and their relationship with the environment. have used this philosophy to design and implement projects in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and China.

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Ecosistema Urbano

Morph Estudio is a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, founded in 2014 and led by architects César Frías Enciso, Raquel Dueñas and Miguel Pradillo Cendón, specialized in the development of unique construction. With more than 120 professionals, located in the heart of Madrid, it is one of the largest architectural studio in Spain with most of its projects carried out in the country. As pioneers in the use of BIM technology, the life cycle of projects involves and integrates architects, landscape designers, interior designers, engineers, and surveyors from the very beginning.

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Morph Estudio

Coll-Barreu Arquitectos is Spanish architecture firm dedicated to investigation, development and construction of architectural projects with offices in Bilbao and Madrid was founded in 2001 by Juan Coll-Barreu and Daniel Gutiérrez Zarza. They support a dynamic process that transforms the dialog about the project into the principal quality of its work system. The Spanish architecture firm develops and rise buildings for public and private purposes in different places and scales, and, at the same time, continues its labor of theoretical investigation.

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Juan Coll-Barreu

OOIIO Architecture is an international design team focused on singular personalized solutions for architectural needs. We start every project from a deep understanding of the context and the client's needs and we provide innovative, contemporary and unique architectural answers to satisfy them.

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We really hope to find the right “enghlitened” company to support our architecture educational tours and meeting programme because all these architecture firms are worth to be visited!

If you are a design or building and material company or an architecture firm please and you want to collaborate or attend to our tour contact us here