Dolomiti Contemporanee

through art and its critical approach dolomiti contemporanee aims to provide a new interpretation to those marvelous landscapes which would otherwise risk being considered from only a touristic point of view.

initially the dolomiti contemporanee was a touring project of art that gives attention to old abandoned industrial buildings and fills them with new life, through residency, exhibitions and joint-project with museums and galleries. the sites were temporarily occupied for 3 months and, after a rise in community interest in the event, re-used.

the residency of the artists usually takes place during the summer(details of past activities can be found on the website). the artists in residence work with the partners who provide materials or support the process of creation of the art works through their assistance and professional skills. we call this osmotic relationship “cultural productivity”.

the exhibition activity, which takes place at the end of the residency, gives new life to the venue not only from the cultural point of view but also from the economic perspective.

in this way art shows its important social impact and the ability of giving impulse to the economy.

art is useful. art helps economy.

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