Around 1 billion people use Instagram every single month – that’s around 13 percent of the world’s population. Also, 80 percent of Instagram users follow one or more businesses, and 72 percent of users have purchased a product that they first saw on Instagram.

Is Instagram a size thing or are these popular furniture brands thinking beyond “consumers” and building a true relationship?

Most popular furniture brands on Instagram

4Tom Dixon546.817
5Fritz Hansen478.801
7B&B Italia386.987
18Louis Poulsen238.111

date: 31/12/2019

The most popular furniture brand on Instagram, with more than 1M followers, is the Danish design brand Hay.

Muuto, another Danish design company, with more than 830.000 followers, ranks second. Vitra, the celebrated and very popular amongst architects Swiss furniture company, ranks third amongst the most popular furniture brands on Instagram.

Although in the first 6 places, there are 4 Danish companies, there’s a large group of renowned Italian design brands in the first 20 places such as B&B Italia, Kartell, Flos, Cassina, Minotti, Moroso, Lago, ArtemideFoscarini.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to purchase followers and there are so many cheap schemes going around that give you upwards of one thousand new followers for a small fee. Whilst these bought followers just boost the numbers and make the furniture brands appear popular, these paid followers will never engage with content. So, if you have a genuine engagement with your community of social media followers, chances are they will want to create content about your brand and be an active member of the community.

We have to say that it is easier to engage with 10.000 then 100.000 followers.

Most engaging furniture brands on Instagram

The engagement rate shows an average amount of how often a fan interacts with the posts of a page. It is calculated by dividing the daily amount of likes, comments and shares by the number of fans. We calculated the 2019 engagement rate of 80 of the most popular furniture brands on Instagram.


1Maxalto  4,46%21.265
2Bulthaup  2,66%9.689
3Lapalma Design  1,92%21.384
4Roda  1,46%11.917
5USM Modular Furniture  1,17%44.780
6Lago  1,14%243.469
7Boca do Lobo  1,07%148.913
8Paola Lenti  1,06%122.583
9Thonet  1,02%47.451
10Andreu World  1,0%44.506
11Ligne Roset  1,0%93.844
12Antoniolupi  0,99%119.560
13Louis Poulsen  0,98%23.8111
14Laufen  0,92%27.396
15Valcucine  0,91%49.847
16Élitis  0,9%61.708
17Gubi  0,87%403.762
18Fredericia  0,86%118.062
19Modular Lighting Instruments  0,85%26.970
20Axolight  0,85%23.283


Not all that glitters is gold… As previously stated, brands with a smaller fanbase usually have a better engagement rate: Maxalto, 74th amongst the most popular brands on Instagram, ranks 1st in the engagement ranking with exceptional values. Bulthaup (79th) with only 9600 followers, has a great impact on its followers and ranks second. Good score for Lapalma ranking third.

Much more surprisingly, Lago (7th) and Gubi (17th), ranked amongst the top 20 most popular furniture brands on Instagram, rank at the same time in the engagement top 20 brands demonstrating the best performances and their hard work behind.

Most engaging furniture brands with the highest post interaction  

Not all the brands are daily active, therefore it’s interesting even to evaluate the weight and the effect of each single post. The post interaction shows how active the fans engage with a post of a page. It shows the average amount of all interactions (likes, shares, comments) for each fan per post. As opposed to the Engagement Rate, the Post Interaction ignores days without any posts.


BrandPost Interaction
1Maxalto 10,49%
2Bulthaup  6,48%
3Davide Groppi  3,14%
4Roda  2,67%
5USM Modular Furniture  2,15%
6Edra  1,91%
7Lapalma  1,71%
8Dornbracht  1,7%
9Novamobili  1,66%
10Rolf Benz  1,64%
11Andreu World  1,56%
12Thonet GmbH  1,55%
13Henge  1,51%
14Ligne Roset  1,44%
15Steelcase  1,43%
16Bisazza  1,42%
17Grohe  1,38%
18Duravit AG  1,35%
19Élitis  1,33%
20Modular Lighting Instruments  1,3%


In this special key performance indicator, as Mies van der Rohe said “less is more“, emerge even brands such as Davide Groppi (3rd), Edra (6th) and Novamobili (9th) with a good balance amongst followers, engagement and posts.

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Keep on follow the vibe!