2016 visit

July 14th Let’s begun this new adventure with a wonderful  Architecture visit.

There couldn’t be a better occasion to launch my new project and wave off my colleagues at Valcucine at the same time.

every beginning is only a sequel after all and the book of events is always open halfway throughSeneca

After a 1h journey by car from Pordenone to Venice and a quick breakfast waiting for al the colleagues we immediatly headed to Arsenale. We took the vaporetto (line 4.1) from piazzale Roma to Arsenale and in 25 minutes, along the Giudecca channel, we were there.

The Exhibition “Reporting from the front” as told by Alejandro Aravena, the curator of the Venice Architecture Biennale, offer a new point of view like the one Maria Reiche has from atop the ladder of the graphic design identity of this Biennale. “Given the complexity and variety of challenges that architecture has to respond to, the exhibition will be about listening to those who were able to gain some perspective and are consequently in the position to share some knowledge and experiences, inventiveness and pertinence with those of us standing on the ground.”

As the curator said the exhibition will be about sharing with a broader audience the work of people who are scrutinizing the horizon looking for new fields of action presenting examples where different dimensions are synthesized, integrating the pragmatic with the existential, pertinence and boldness, creativity and common sense. These are the frontlines from which we would like different practitioners to report, sharing success stories and exemplary cases where architecture made, is making, and will continue to make a difference”

This is what even Architectures.it want to achieve: a different point of view on our beautiful country but even a different chance for the industrial design companies to tell themselves. A different way to experience our country creating bonds between companies and the territories in which are based.archivibe.com

Examples of Aravena’s view is the entrance of the Arsenale exhibition where the installation is nothing less than the recovery of part of the waste generated by Rem Koolhas 2014 installation. We then visited the entire Arsenale area that brought to light the best practices of architectural and social recovery investigating new ways of integration and sharing all over the world.

IMG_0610     IMG_0676     IMG_0630

The entire exhibition talks of course to architects. It provides them with practical knowledge on how they can capture the essence of the problems and translate them into concrete projects. Thousand of possible ways to recover materials and construction techniques. “We believe that the advancement of architecture is not a goal in itself but a way to improve people’s quality of life,” said Aravena in his introduction to event.

In the afternoon we visited the Giardini exhibition. Unfortunately we e had just the time to visit the most successful pavilions. The Spanish one, awarded with the Golden Lion for a National Pavilion, demonstrates how selected architects after the Spanish bust have “understood the lessons of the recent past and considered architecture to be something unfinished, in a constant state of evolution and truly in the service of humanity”.

The visit continued across the Italian Pavillon “Taking care – Progettare per il bene comune”, the Brazilian “Juntos”, the Pool – Architecture, Culture and Identity in Australia (…thank you Australia for the refreshing moment!). Not at the same level the self-mockery Russian (V.D.N.H.Urban Phenomenon) and the German social investigation “Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country” pavillons.

Just a quick stop at the Skandinavian pavillion for some group pictures, the “” walk about was waiting for us!

IMG_0648     IMG_0681     IMG_0672

A great roam across Venice with some stops for a spritz (=venetian aperitivo), of course with cicchetti, at Portego, Adelaide and finally at Al Timon.
Neither the midnight downpour ruined this beautiful day at the Venice Architecture Biennale!



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