ARCHIVIBE is proud to partner with the 2020 London Festival of Architecture & BowerBird in presenting a public vote contest, “The power of architecture to impact my life”.

We want to involve you into the discussion around architecture and London.

Architecture shapes our cities and places, our social and cultural values, and our daily lives:
architectures that changed the skyline or the views around us, buildings that shaped our daily routine or has helped a place or community for the better, architectures that changed the fortunes of a place, architectures that involve us, or just make our skin crawl.

All the architectures have been submitted during May and form the basis of the public vote.

You will be able to vote (until Tuesday 30 June 3:00 pm CET) on each building to decide which of these projects has the most powerful impact on people’s lives.

Which London building has impacted your life the most?

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Title: Centre Point Tower
Author: Daniele Prosdocimo
Votes: 9

Views: ?

Designed in the 1960s, Centre Point Tower’s modern materiality and imposing height represented a new generation of Londoners and the creative energy of the time. However, despite its Grade II listed status, the 34-storey office tower sat largely vacant and neglected. Conran and Partners has converted the tower for modern day residential use, reconnecting the spirit of the 1960’s with the present day and linking the building’s expressive structure with the transformed internal spaces. The aim has been to work with the spirit of the original architecture and successfully reinvent the iconic building from a struggling, outmoded office tower into a vibrant residential building with generations of usefulness ahead of itself. Responding to the changing requirements of twenty-first century London and contemporary tenants. Centre Point Tower embodies elevated city living at its most sophisticated, whilst playing a major part in finally reinvigorating a long-undervalued part of our city.

Project by: Conran and Partners

Conran and Partners is an architecture and interior design practice, founded by Sir Terence Conran, renowned for designing contemporary ways of living. With studios in London, Hong Kong and Brighton, they have a portfolio that extends around the world and embraces a rich and varied range of typologies and scales.

Photography: Patrick Williamson

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