Renovation and retrofitting of old buildings are becoming more and more a wise and sustainable approach than trendy.

In the last years, the attention was paid mainly for sustainable design of new buildings omitting the discussion about the importance of improving and reusing existing buildings.

Originally built as a warehouse, this exhibition hall has been transformed by Metaform architects into a light-filled collaborative office space.

The architecture firm based in Luxembourg renovated the former warehouse in Steinsel to create the new headquarters of DSL, a company specialised in IT solutions.

The refurbishment of the 1.950 sqm warehouse consists mainly of the renovation of office spaces, including a reception area, a staff kitchen, meeting rooms, open-plan offices, exhibition space, an outdoor terrace area and ample storage space.

The main emphasis of the project was to bring in more natural daylight, creating an efficient, clean and bright office space where people and communication take centre stage.” explains Shahram Agaajani, founder of Metaform architects.

The concept aimed to adapt the warehouse whilst preserving a flavour of certain key characteristics of the original building.

As you enter the space you are welcomed by a bright, double-height reception area. Light filters through from the large bay windows and from the skylights set into the steel roof. The overhaul included entirely gutting and renovating the feature skylights.

Inside, a central statement staircase made from oak doubles as a common area. This creates a mix of semi-private, informal work and social areas maintaining an open-plan layout.

Metaform architects chose a simple material palette including pure white walls, grey steel beams but also oak floor paneling and detailing in contrast with the original characteristics of the warehouse.

To finish the space, offices and meeting rooms are decorated with some large plants to help create a calming work environment.

Retrofitting of an old warehouse by Metaform architects

Through the introduction of natural light, the architects sought to foster a positive and welcoming working environment. The choice of furniture also inspires a “homely” atmosphere.




Photography: Steve Troes Fotodesign