Holt in Groningen is the plan for a new sustainable, inclusive and healthy neighborhood.

Developed by MWPO together with Nijestee and Nijhuis Bouw, Holt design is the result of the unique collaboration between practices , Houben/Van Mierlo, Vector-i and .

Holt emphasizes Groningen's core value, ‘a healthy and long life, for young and old,' and highlights its position as the Netherland's healthiest city.

Located next to a cluster of healthcare organizations like the Martini Hospital, Holt marks the gateway to the new city district with 11 new residential buildings, a tower, three gates, and a park.

image by Proloog

Gracefully curved vaults and arches define Holt and give the new neighborhood a sense of identity and place, with exceptional plinths that exude quality and comfort.

These robust brick-clad buildings, with their timeless quality, are a contemporary nod to Groningen's historical high-quality housing.

Image by MIR

Holt sits at the pivotal point where the city and forest meet. The 320 homes are built with an urban density in a forest-like environment that will transform the surrounding Corpus Kwartier into a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

The city and the greenery meet in Holt – an exciting and direct confrontation.” says Janneke van der Velden, Associate Architect Powerhouse Company

Here, a compact building mass contains a rich and mixed programme, with plenty of public space. The abundant green, water, traffic, ecology, and buildings come together to form one ecosystem. By allowing the green zone and the built areas to coincide, our plan creates an urban woodland to live in.

Our plan unites living, nature, economy, and city in line with Groningen's own great ambitions.” says Kristiaan Capelle, MWPO

To adapt to the rising temperatures of our changing climate, Holt harnesses nature's powerful properties.

A forest is inherently climate resilient – the soil absorbs considerably more rainwater than a paved environment, and it can be 4 degrees cooler than in an urban setting.

To reduce the need for cooling, Powerhouse chose light-colored facades that reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than dark materials.

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The buildings and radical green enter into a dialogue, forming one ecosystem for flora, fauna and people.” says  Stefan Prins, Architect Partner Powerhouse Company

For Holt's construction, Powerhouse aim to adopt principles by reusing building materials, building demountable structures, and by using cross laminated structures where we can – a sustainable and carbon sequestering material.

Holt offers socially sustainable homes – for all – that stimulate collectivity.” –  Bas van Mierlo, Houben & Van Mierlo Architecten

A green crown at the top of the tower contains a rooftop bar and creates an iconic beacon for the neighborhood – a marker for this new form of living that manifests Groningen's identity as the healthiest city of the .

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From families and starters, to healthcare professionals and vulnerable young people and the elderly: Holt provides home to all.

Besides the public spaces, Powerhouse paid special attention to providing spaces for people from the many diverse backgrounds to meet.

Additionally, homes will be created for those with special needs – making assisted living homes an integral part of the community.

Holt is the result of their vision on building and living in healthy cities and neighborhoods, and provides impetus for the economic and social development of the area around the Martini Hospital.